Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 27th May

Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 27th May

If you skateboard, you can't be afraid to have people laugh at you.

Mark Gonzales

Welcome to another episode of 'Heard It On The Great Vines'

where we talk about the latest skateboarding videos, skateboard magazines, skate brands, skatewear & gossip that's been releaesed over the last week.


Tyshawn Jones' Second Pro Adidas Skateboarding Shoe

Adidas Skateboarding Tyshawn 2 Skate Shoes

After the success of 2-time Skater Of The Year Tyshawn Jones' first pro skate shoe, Adidas Skateboarding bring us his second shoe in a banging Crystal White / Core Black / Charcoal Solid Grey colourway. 

We really like the introduction of the skate shoe, it looks like a protective cupsole that's slim where it needs to be and... it looks aesthetically great.


Toy Machine spoil us to a 25-minute installment into their legendary archive of skate videos.

Featuring subliminal messages, a typical Toy Machine anti-establishment vibe and heavy hitting parts from the likes of Jeremy Leabres, Georgia Martin, Myles Willard, Axel Cruysberghs, Shiloh Catori and Braden Hoban

Last Resort AB “Doomed From the Jump”

The classy chaps at Last Resort AB blessed us with a video of the boys street skateboarding to the max, bodge jobbing pole jams, marking walls and thinking well out of the box!

Featuring classy skate shoes on the feet of the likes of Chris Milic, Jesse Alba and Dane Brady


A great video from a skateboarding channel I've never heard of... Spezzatura

Check out the 3rd 'PANORAMA', full of great stair and ledge skating.

Nyjah Huston Won Streat League Again... if anyone cares

Street League Apex 02 Podium Winner

Here's the latest Street League rumble live stream

if you're into the contest skating!

Absolute performance from the JAH & Chris Joslin.


Toy Machine "Good & Evil" (2004)

Shout out to Skate Video Vault. 🔌 This 2004 classic shows just how little has changed in the making of Toy Machine videos.

20 years old this year, this is held closely to a lot of old heads hearts as an absolute street  classic

Connor Upton | 8th April 2024

That's it for this weeks skateboarding news people!

Think we missed anything? 

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