Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 15th April

Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 8th April

I see people with talent, but the one thing they don't have is that love for doing it for the sake of it.

Rodney Mullen

Welcome to another episode of 'Heard It On The Great Vines'

where we talk about the latest skateboarding videos, skateboard magazines, skate brands, skatewear & gossip that's been releaesed over the last week.


Deedz for ACE TRUCKS

Ace's front man, with the loosest trucks in skateboardingDeedz returns... equipped with a skinhead, beaniedenim shorts and Nike SB Dunks.

Dodging traffic and ploughing through the worst ground imaginable, Deedz connects deadly ledges and rails in an unforgettable all-terrain performance.

Lurpiv Trucks hit the UK

Lurpiv Trucks | The Vines

UK Skate Shops have been receiving their first deliveries of Lurpiv Trucks, the long-awaited skateboard truck company founded by Polar Skate Co's Oskar Rosenberg.

After hanger / kingpin complications seen after their initial release in 2022, many have been waiting for the refined second version

With anti-wheelbite technology, a robotic / futuristic look and a high profile, Lurpiv are bound to be a successful, skater-owned company up in the conversation of the best skateboard truck on the market. Now, making their official entrance into the UK skate scene, KEEN Distribution have begun their journey towards your local skate shop.

Zach Saraceno joins King Skateboards

Style for Miles

Tyshawn JonesbrandKing Skateboardsannounces their latest skateboarder to join their roster... Zach Saraceno.

If you don't know who Zach is, he looks like he's putting about 5% of effort in while doing 200% of what everyone else is doing.

He has one of the most superior switch and nollie flicks in the game. I believe I saw him first in Davonte Jolly's Godspeed video. 

I've been a fan ever since.

MASHER: Estonia

Chris Gregson's latest skate video consists of taking his crew, including the likes of JAWS and Nolan Miskell, to the old and unique towns of Estonia

They find some barely touched skate spots in the streets crafted by the skate gods, as skating the hell out of a boat equipped with a mini ramp and a warehouse that looks like it was made in Tony Hawks Pro Skater.

Boats & Hoes | Step Brothers

Have you heard of Kyonosuke Yamashita?

Representing Lakai Footwear, Primitive Skateboards and... Dr. Pepper, Japanese skater Kyonosuke Yamashita has been rapidly growing a fan base for his style, consistency and trick selection on a skateboard.

Jenken Mag take him around LA and discuss his background and his rapid upcoming as one of the greats.

Death Skateboards - '13'

UK Skateboarding's grittiest brand, Death Skateboards, kick off their latest video '13', with a hilarious skit on the state of the UK and its gangs of skateboarders. Tackling English Concrete and diving in the muckiest of waters, you'll want a bulldog tattoo after watching this one featuring Dan 'Twiggy' Reeves and Dan Cates, as well as other friends and family of DEATH

A lot of snappy tre flips and long front tailslides. There's even a blunt kickflip at New Street Station for all you Brummies.

Mauro Caruso - Seby Part

If you're craving a holiday in the sun, go on a simulation trip through Italian skate spots with Mauro Caruso.

With some funky music, watch Mauro tackle the warm concrete through the fisheye of James Barracuda's VX1000 for Dumb Skateboards on Free Skate Magazine.

Connor Upton | 8th April 2024

That's it for this weeks skateboarding news people!

Think we missed anything? 

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