Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - 10/06/24

Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 27th May

Some girls can skate, but I personally believe that skateboarding is not for girls at all. Not one bit.

Nyjah Huston

Welcome to another episode of 'Heard It On The Great Vines'

where we talk about the latest skateboarding videos, skateboard magazines, skate brands, skatewear & gossip that's been releaesed over the last week.



Palace Skateboards hit another home-run collaboration, this time with Reebok Shoes.

The collection includes 2 styles of Reebok shoes, a sick tracksuit jacket and a bunch of different retro-styled Reebok x Umbro sportswear.

Check out the full collection here

Skate Like A Girl's "Wheels of Fortune 12" Video

Skate Like A Girl returns to share the antics taken place over their 3-day skate trip to Seattle, USA. Creative street clips, inspiring skating and a King-Of-The-Road-like checklist of shenanigans. They ticked them all off, proving you don't have to be a bloke to a nutter.

Ruby Lilley's 'Monster' Part

The girls are killing it this week.

Ruby is a certified pool and bowl transition menace, bringing some ballsy moves to Thrasher's youtube. No helmets, no pads, pure hefty transitions. 

Kotora Mitani's 'Evisen' Part

The girls are absolutely on a mad one this week. We love to see it.

Japan's Evisen bring us a Kotora Mitani part, filled with tech, impact, screamo-metal type shit music and a cracked trick selection, 

Kotora has the Adidas Skateboarding hook up... Kotora is the real deal mayn!

Nike SB | Medal Madness | Carlos Ribeiro

Nike SB brings us a weird little catch-up with Carlos Riberio that no one really asked for... but everyone loves a bit of Carlos and his weird hands.

Carlos takes us from Brazil to California, chatting about his life story and what it's like to be in the olympics.

Although you can tell this was the idea of some suited-up white shirt man in the Nike office, the grainy weird camera they've used alonside Carlos' ledge skating nearly brings a tear to my eye.

Jokes aside, it's good for the kids to see Carlos go from the bottom to the top.

Follow your dreams kids!

Nike SB | Medal Madness | Carlos Ribeiro

We try to shed some light on a lesser-known group or brand in every episode. This week, that title goes to Bustcrew / Will Rosenstock's 'A World of Shit'.

The video's title really helps us understand how important mates are. Although the world is full of shit, the nitrates and nutrients found in shit are required to create new life and beauty. 

Hard work, determination, amazing clips and good times with the homies. That's a beautiful thing mayn, maybe you can polish the turd that is the ghetto by getting out with your mates.


Zero 'Misled Youth" (1999)

Shout out to Skate Video Vault. 🔌

Nah, I'm not even gonna write about this one. It's one of the best street skateboarding videos of all time

If you haven't seen it, just get off this blog and go change your life.

Connor Upton | 8th April 2024

That's it for this weeks skateboarding news people!

Think we missed anything? 

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