Polar Skate Co's 93' Jeans: Denim for the Modern Skater

Polar Skate Co 93' Denim Jeans Size Guide

Polar Skate Co. 93 Jeans 

Across the skate world Polar Skate Co. has become a name internationally known and synonymous with European skateboardings unique style. Rising from its humble beginnings under the guidance of Pontus Alv to a brand celebrated globally, Polar Skate Co. has redefined skate fashion, particularly with its iconic '93 jeans. Let’s dive into the story of these legendary denims and why they're a must-have in every skater's wardrobe.

The Genesis: Polar Skate Co.'s Skate Heritage

Founded in 2011 by Pontus Alv in Malmö, Sweden, Polar Skate Co. quickly gained a reputation for its authentic approach to skateboarding culture. While their skateboards and art-driven designs initially captured the scene's heart, their venture into apparel, especially the '93 jeans, marked a new chapter in skate fashion.

The Polar '93 Jeans: A Nod to the Classics

Polar Skate Co.'s '93 jeans are a tribute to the golden era of skateboarding - the 1990s. Crafted with a blend of nostalgia and contemporary fashion sensibilities, these jeans speak directly to those who cherish skateboarding’s rich history and its evolution over the years.

Distinct from the Big Boys: What Sets '93 Jeans Apart

While reminiscent of the classic Big Boy jeans, the '93s carve their own identity. They are not just a throwback but a modern interpretation of what skate jeans should be. Their unique features, from the cut to the material, set them apart, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and style that is hard to find in ordinary denim.

Fit and Style: Tailored for Skateboarders

One of the key aspects of the Polar Skate Co 93 jeans is their fit and style. Designed specifically for skateboarders, they offer a loose, relaxed fit that provides freedom of movement without sacrificing style. With a straighter leg than Polar Big Boys and raised waistline, the '93s are a nod to the '90s, ensuring the jeans are fully on trend and look just as good on the streets as they do in the skate park. Of all the Polar jeans fits and styles, Id say this is my favourite, offering a relaxed but not too baggy look. The kind of denim you could just about get away with goin for a Miller and Carter for your nans birthday. One of them when your mom says' dress nice'

Polar 93 Size Guide: Finding Your Perfect Pair When it comes to sizing, Polar Skate Co.'s '93 jeans cater to a wide range of body types. They typically run true to size, offering a comfortable fit that's neither too tight nor too baggy. Whether you're flipping tricks at the skate park or hanging out with friends, these jeans are designed to fit comfortably through all your daily adventures. Id defo recommend going for your regular size, no need to size up as they already come with plenty of room in the trunk (arse) and leg. 

Polar Skate Co 93 Denim Pitch Black

Polar Skate Co 93 Denim Light Blue

Polar Skate Co '93 Jean | Size & Fit Chart


SIZE 28 (CM) 28 (IN) 30 (CM) 30 (IN) 32 (CM) 32 (IN) 34 (CM) 34 (IN) 36 (CM) 36 (IN)

1/2 WAIST* 40 15.7 42.5 16.7 45 17.7 47.5 18.7 50 19.7
FRONT CROTCH 29 11.4 30 11.8 31 12.2 31.5 12.4 32 12.6
ACROSS THIGH 32.5 12.8 34 13.4 35.5 14 37 14.6 38.5 15.2
ACROSS KNEE 26 10.3 26.5 10.4 27 10.6 27.5 10.8 28.5 11.2

Polar 93 Colour Ways: A Palette for Every Skater

The '93 jeans come in various colour ways, ensuring there's a pair for every taste and style. From classic blue denim to contemporary shades and washes, each colour way adds its own character to the jeans, making them versatile pieces in any skater's wardrobe.

The Polar Touch: Unique Features of the '93 Jeans

It's the small details that make the Polar Skater Co 93 jeans quintessentially Polar. The customised hardware, the subtle branding, and the quality of the denim all speak of Polar's commitment to quality. These jeans are built to last, enduring the rough and tumble of skate life while maintaining their style and comfort.

Sustainable Fashion: Polar's Commitment to the Environment

In recent years, Polar Skate Co. has shown a growing commitment to sustainability. The '93 jeans align with this ethos, crafted from ethically sourced materials and designed to withstand the test of time. This commitment to sustainability is not just about creating fashion that's kind to the planet, but also about producing clothes that stand the test of time – a trait every skater values.

The Staple of Skate Culture

In a world where skateboarding and fashion continue to collide, the '93 jeans stand out as a testament to Polar Skate Co.'s legacy and influence in the skate fashion world.

Paul Vale | Dec 13th 2023


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