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Polar Big Boy Fit Guide | Polar Jeans Sizes

Polar Big Boy Fit Guide

We've just had a HUGE restock on our best selling Polar Big Boys Denim Pants. These sell faster than we can ever restock them so if you're in the market grab some quick time before they're all gone again.

We've had two brand new colour ways in this seasons Polar Big Boy pants, a sick mid blue and this bangin new Black Acid Wash

Use the handy dandy Polar Big Boy fit Guide to make sure you get the sizing spot on for you. 

Polar Big Boy Jeans have become a notable staple in the skateboarding and streetwear communities, offering a unique combination of style, comfort, and durability that appeals to skaters and fashion-forward individuals alike. These jeans are characterized by their relaxed fit, which allows for ample movement and flexibility, essential for skateboarding and everyday wear. The design typically features a higher waist and a wider leg, nodding to the 90s fashion trends that have resurfaced in recent years. The construction is robust, often made from heavyweight denim to withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding. Polar Skate Co, known for its skateboarding roots and authentic approach to design, ensures that these jeans not only look good but serve the practical needs of skaters. Our Polar Big Boy Fit Guide makes it easy to cop the right ones for you. Their popularity also stems from their versatility, easily paired with a variety of tops and skate shoes, making them a go-to choice for those seeking both style and substance in their wardrobe.

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Polar Big Boy Fit Guide

No doubt you'll have heard a lot (and seen a lot!) about Polar Big Boy Jeans – with pros like Oski and Tiago wearing them regularly they've had a tonne of attention and have had the attention of the streetwear domain. Pontus himself said they're like a cult and have become almost like their own brand. And with good reason. The Polar Big Boys have got the baggiest fit around, with a low crotch and wide seat, they look sick with any bigger skate shoe and oversized tee or hood. Unlike the Polar Skate Co 93 Jean, they've got a slight taper for that perfect balance on top of your creps. Complete with a 5 pocket set up, you'll see the new Big Boy signature character embroidered on them here – these jeans are at the top of the game.

Check out the Polar Big Boy Fit Guide below to get the best size and fit for you.

 Polar Big Boy Size Guide 

Polar Big Boys Jeans Fit Guide | Polar Big Boys Size Guide

Polar Big Boy Fit Guide by Inches



1/2 Waist 15.3 16 17.3 18.7 19.7

Front Crotch 13.3 13.7 14 14.5 14.5

1/2 Thigh 12.2 13 13.7 14.7 14.7

1/2 Knee 11.4 12 11.8 12.4 12.6

Inner Leg 28 30 29.5 31.1 32.4


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