Polar Skate Co Decks Drop | Fall 23

Polar Skate Co Fall 23 Deck Collection

Polar Skate Co's latest release brings a fresh collection of stylish decks, tees and hoods. Included are new pro models for your favourite skaters and a range of sick new T-shirts. You can explore and purchase all of Polar Skate Co's decks and clothing at The Vines online skate shop and in store now.

In the Polar Fall Collection you'll find the Polar Skate Co Burning World T-shirt, along with a batch of exciting items from Pontus Alv's renowned brand. Originally intended as a summer drop, it has now become the official autumn collection, reflecting the unusual weather this year. While Polar-shaped decks are excluded from this release, you can still find some older-shaped decks on our site if that's what you're looking for.

Let's dive into the deck offerings. Oski Rozenberg, the well-known skateboarder, has a new pro model deck with the 'West Harbour' graphic. It's a standard 8.25" popsicle shape, ideal for both street and transition skating. The graphic features vibrant watercolor art depicting a city scene with pedestrians and cyclists, exuding Scandinavian vibes.

Additionally, there's a new pro model deck for Hjalte Halberg, with the 'It Will Pass' graphic, in an 8.5" popsicle shape. The artwork, designed by Tynan Kerr, showcases a crying skeleton on a grey background – a unique piece that could double as wall art.

Dane Brady also gets a new pro model deck, embracing his inner cowboy with the 'Texas' graphic. It comes in an 8.375" standard popsicle shape and features a grainy photograph by Sirus Gahan, reminiscent of the classic 'Dallas' TV series, with a cowboy in front of industrial chimneys.

Completing the deck lineup is the new Polar 'Nick Boserio Amaryllis' deck, featuring a rosy looking floral type ting. This deck, like the others, comes in a standard 8.5" popsicle shape with wheel wells to stop that nasty wheel bite.

In addition to the deck selection, there are some fantastic new Polar T-shirts. The 'Burning World' Tee showcases Sirus Gahan's 'Burning World' graphic, inspired by Roman Gonzalez' pro model deck, as a bold chest print. It's available in a sick purple colour, perfect for adding vibrancy to your wardrobe.

There's also the Polar Skate 'Tea Riders' T-shirt, featuring artwork from Aaron Herrington's new pro model deck. This tee comes in a stylish graphite color and boasts hand-painted artwork of a couple sitting at a coffee table, accompanied by the Polar Skate Co logo in a Gothic style. It's a must-have addition to your collection.

# Polar Skate Co Decks

When it comes to skateboarding, your choice of deck can make all the difference. Polar Skate Co has long been a beloved brand in the skateboarding community, known for its quality decks that cater to various styles and preferences. Let's dive into the world of Polar Skate Co decks and explore what makes them stand out. Polar Skate Co offers a wide range of deck options, each designed with precision and creativity. Whether you're a street skater, a transition skater, or someone who appreciates unique graphics, there's a Polar Skate Co deck for you. These decks are not only functional but also visually appealing, featuring eye-catching artwork and designs that set them apart from the competition.

# Polar Skate Co Art

Art and skateboarding have always gone hand in hand, and Polar Skate Co has taken this connection to a whole new level. The brand's commitment to artistic expression is evident not only in the graphics on their decks but also in various art-related projects. Polar Skate Co collaborates with talented artists to create captivating visuals that adorn their decks, T-shirts, and more. Their commitment to supporting the arts community has resulted in some truly exceptional pieces of work. The artistry behind Polar Skate Co, featuring the artists who contribute to the brand's unique aesthetic is groundbreaking and pioneering. Get ready to be inspired!

# Polar Skate Co Big Boy Jeans

For those looking for comfortable and stylish skateboarding apparel, Polar Skate Co's "Big Boy Jeans" are a must-see. These jeans are designed with skaters in mind, providing ample room for movement while maintaining a fashionable look. What makes Polar Skate Co's "Big Boy Jeans" a favourite among skateboarders? The design, fit, and durability of these jeans, as well as how they enhance your skateboarding experience and has been designed from the ground up to be perfect for skating.

# Polar Skate Co Jeans

Polar Skate Co's commitment to quality extends beyond decks and T-shirts; it also includes their range of jeans. These jeans are designed to withstand the demands of skateboarding while keeping you comfortable and stylish on and off the board.
Skate Co jeans collection includes 93's, 92's, Surf Pants and of course Big Boys and their construction, and features make them ideal for skaters. Whether you prefer a slimmer fit or a bg baggy look, Polar Skate Co has you covered.

# Polar Skate Co Sweatshirt

Skateboarding can be a physically demanding activity, and sometimes you need a reliable sweatshirt to keep you warm during those early morning sessions or cooler evenings at the skatepark. Polar Skate Co offers a selection of sweatshirts that not only keep you comfortable but also add a touch of style to your skateboarding attire.

In our upcoming post, we'll take a closer look at Polar Skate Co sweatshirts, discussing their designs, materials, and how they strike the perfect balance between function and fashion. Whether you're shredding at the park or just hanging out with friends, these sweatshirts are a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

# Polar Skate Co T-Shirt

T-shirts are a skateboarding staple, and Polar Skate Co has a collection of tees that blend artistic flair with comfort. These T-shirts feature captivating graphics and designs that reflect the brand's commitment to creativity and self-expression.

Polar Skate Co T-shirts, showcasing their unique artwork and is what makes them a popular choice among skaters. Whether you're looking for a casual tee for daily wear or something that reflects your skateboarding passion, Polar Skate Co has something for you.


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