New Balance Numeric 1010 | Tiago Lemos's Skate Shoe Masterpiece

New Balance Numeric 1010 Tiago Lemos Skate Shoe
New Balance 1010

Tiago Lemos and New Balance Numeric 1010 : A Perfect Blend of Style and Performance

Welcome to the world of skateboarding, where the fusion of style, performance, and comfort is not just a luxury but a necessity. And who better to embody this ethos than the phenomenal Tiago Lemos, in collaboration with New Balance Numeric, through their latest masterpiece – the 1010 skate shoe.

Built for the Ride: Technical Specifications of the 1010

When Tiago Lemos puts his name on a skate shoe, you know it's built to withstand the rigours of skateboarding. The NB# 1010 isn't just a shoe; it's a fortress for your feet. Crafted with premium suede and mesh, it promises durability and breathability. The sole, a marvel of engineering, boasts the Ndurance rubber compound, ensuring unparalleled grip and longevity. The FuelCell midsole offers a unique blend of cushioning and stability, making every landing with the New Balance 1010 smoother and every ride more comfortable.

New Balance 1010 Black

New Balance 1010 Aesthetic Appeal: Design Elements of the 1010

Tiago's Brazilian flair is evident in the design of the New Balance Numeric 1010. The shoe features a sleek, low-profile silhouette, accented with vibrant colourways that reflect Tiago's energetic style. The subtle 'N' logo adds a classic touch to the New Balance 1010, while the custom graphic insoles are a nod to Tiago's personal style. This is pretty much Tiago in a skate shoe, and who dont love Tiago? 

The Tiago 1010 Collaboration

The collaboration between Tiago Lemos and New Balance Numeric is a tale of mutual respect and shared vision. Recognising Tiago's rising status in the skate world and his unique approach to skating, New Balance Numeric approached him for this special project. Together, they've created a shoe that resonates with Tiago's dynamic skating style and New Balance Numeric's commitment to quality.

New Balance 1010 White

On Board Performance: Tested and Approved by Pro Skaters

It's one thing to look sweet, but how does the New Balance Numeric 1010 perform on the skateboard? Skaters who've had the privilege of wearing these shoes rave about the comfort, support, and control they experience. Whether it's executing technical flip tricks or cruising through the streets, the 1010 stands up to the challenge, making it a top choice for skaters globally. Our shop team have gone through more pairs of 1010's than I can remember, and the feedback is always fully positive. Long lasting, comfortable (with a short break in time) and they look peng as fuck. 

The 1010 Experience is Straight 10/10

In conclusion, the New Balance Numeric Tiago Lemos 1010 shoe is one of the most highly thought of skate shoes in the game; it's a testament to skate specific innovation, style, and performance. It's a shoe designed by a skater, for skaters. Head over to our online skate shop and grab a pair of New Balance 1010 now. Your feet – and your skating – will thank you.

Paul Vale | 24th January 2024


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