Skateboard Brands List A-Z in the UK

Skate Teams

Biggest Skateboard Brands: Industry Titans

The skateboard industry boasts giants like Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, and Vans. These brands have shaped the industry with their rich heritage and broad appeal. Vans, in particular, is not just a footwear giant but a cultural icon, embodying the spirit of skateboarding in every stitch and sole.

Best Skateboard Brands: Quality and Innovation

When it comes to quality, brands like Chocolate and Girl Skateboards stand out. Known for their innovative designs and top-tier quality, these brands have carved a niche for themselves in the skateboard world, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

Newest Skateboard Brands: Fresh on the Scene

Skateboarding always welcomes new entrants with open arms. Brands like Polar Skate Co. and Dime MTL are garnering attention for their innovative approaches and fresh designs, quickly becoming the go-to choice for skaters seeking something new.

UK/European Skateboard Brands: Local Legends

Europe's skate scene is vibrant, led by brands like Palace Skateboards, Helas, and Magenta. While Helas brings a distinctive European flair, Magenta stands out for its artistic approach and unique vision, reflecting the diversity and creativity of the European skateboarding community.

Skateboard Clothing: Street Fashion Icons

Skateboard fashion has its own icons, such as Fucking Awesome and Butter Goods. These brands go beyond mere clothing; they capture the essence of the skateboarding lifestyle, blending fashion with the free-spirited nature of skateboarding.

Skateboard Teams: Riding Together

Teams like Bronze 56k and Alltimers represent the gritty soul of skateboarding. These groups are more than just teams; they are communities that cultivate the spirit of counter culture and the fuck you atttiude of skateboarding, inspiring skaters worldwide with their middle finger.


In the diverse world of skateboarding brands, every brand tells a story. From the 50 year old titans to the up-and-comers, these brands collectively create a rich tapestry that defines the skateboarding culture. Explore these brands and find your own connection in the skateboarding world.

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