New Balance Numeric Spring 2024 | Whats New in NB# Skate Shoes?

New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes Spring 2024 Collection

For Spring 2024, New Balance Numeric have said their significant focus will be an update to their team favorite NM440. They've gone back to the team and asked them what they love about the 440 and also what problems or issues they've had while wearing it. Based on their feedback, they've updated the 440 to have a slightly taller toe cap, which moves the stitching out of the high wear areas. They've added tack down stitches on the eyerow in the Ollie zone, adjusted the last to have the shoe sit flatter and also round out the toe. Internally, they've updated the foam in the midsole heel wedge to a more modern Abzorb and also changed to an EVA lasting board. Those internal changes, coupled with a new Ortholite insert, make for a much more comfortable and supportive underfoot experience without adding too much bulk. To finish off the new 440v2, they've updated the quarter logo branding to match some of the more modern lifestyle models that have grown in popularity over the last few seasons. In addition to 440v2, they'll be doing some storytelling within their signature models, including the Tiago Lemos' 1010, Jamie Foys' 306, and Brandon Westgate's 508.

In the second half of 2023, Numeric will be launching their first footwear product with the newly signed Numeric athlete, Andrew Reynolds. Andrew has done a colour and material story on their NM480 team model, a shoe pulled out of NB's storied basketball archive that's been updated to withstand all the abuses of skateboarding. They've also done a new project on Jamie Foys 306 model with his board sponsor, Deathwish, which will be launching globally. For now, they're keeping any 2024 collabs under wraps until closer to the release dates. Watch this space.

Their line up is split 50/50 between vulc and cup soles, and they tend to balance their 12 models over different price points and levels of tech. In general, the lower the number, the less tech, but sometimes the rules can't be entirely followed. Their most successful models, such as the Jamie Foy 306 and Tiago Lemos 1010, each bring a unique storytelling technology. Even their simpler shoes like the 272 bring innovation with its unique vaulted heel design.

New Balance Skate Shoes Jamie Foy 306

New Balance Skate Shoes

In 2024, they continue to use their tried and tested materials, foam compounds, etc., but they are always striving for better. So, even in existing models, they still continually seek improvements in fit, comfort, and durability.

They have a broad sustainability effort across all of New Balance Skate Shoes, and they participate in approaching every material and process used to see if there is a sustainable alternative without compromising performance.

New Balance Numeric Tiago Lemos 1010

Shop the latest Tiago Lemos's Skate Shoes at The Vines Supply Co. Designed for durability and performance, these skate shoes embody Tiago Lemos's dynamic style. Experience superior comfort and style with each pair. Perfect for skaters seeking quality and innovation.

The Birth of a PartnershipThe union between Tiago Lemos and New Balance Numeric emerges from a foundation of mutual admiration and aligned aspirations. Acknowledging Tiago's ascending prominence in the skateboarding scene and his distinctive skateboarding style, New Balance Numeric reached out to collaborate on this exciting endeavor. The result is a sneaker that mirrors Tiago's energetic skateboarding flair and New Balance Numeric's dedication to excellence.

Performance on the Deck: Endorsed by Professional SkateboardersAppearance aside, the real question is how the 1010 fares on a skateboard. Skateboarders privileged to test these sneakers praise their comfort, support, and maneuverability. Whether performing intricate flip tricks or navigating city streets, the 1010 meets the demands, earning its place as a preferred option among skateboarders worldwide.

The 1010 Rating: A Perfect ScoreTo sum up, the Tiago Lemos 1010 by New Balance Numeric stands out as one of the most celebrated skateboarding shoes available, showcasing innovation, fashion, and functionality specific to skateboarding. Crafted by a skateboarder for skateboarders, this shoe is a must-have. Visit our online skate store to secure your pair. Your feet—and your skateboarding—will be grateful

Leading this blend is the exceptional Tiago Lemos, joining forces with New Balance Numeric to introduce their latest creation – the 1010 skate shoe.

Engineered for Skateboarding: The 1010's Technical FeaturesWith Tiago Lemos' endorsement, the 1010 skate shoe is guaranteed to meet the demands of skateboarding. The NB# 1010 transcends being just a shoe; it acts as a protective haven for your feet. Constructed with superior suede and mesh, it offers both lasting durability and needed ventilation. Its sole features the innovative Ndurance rubber compound for unmatched traction and durability. Additionally, the FuelCell midsole delivers an exceptional mix of cushioning and stability, ensuring smoother landings and more enjoyable rides.

Design and Style: The 1010's Visual CharacteristicsThe 1010 encapsulates Tiago's Brazilian essence through its design, presenting a modern, low-profile look adorned with lively color schemes that mirror Tiago's dynamic approach. The understated 'N' logo brings a timeless elegance, while the custom graphic insoles pay homage to Tiago's unique style, essentially capturing the essence of Tiago in a skate shoe.


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