Magenta Skateboards | Are Magenta Skateboards Good?

Magenta Skateboards | Are They Any Good?

"I did a review on the skateboard brand known as Magenta Skateboards and Good Googly Mrs Moogley, I was impressed"

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Are Magenta Skateboards Good?

In short, yeah man, they're sick. Check out the review below to see what people are saying about Magenta Skateboard decks.

Magenta Skateboards was established in Paris in 2010. Founded by the creative trio of Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, and Jean Feil, Magenta stands out for its commitment to community and the artistry of skateboarding. Unlike mainstream brands focused solely on performance and competition, Magenta emphasizes the joy of skating with friends and the creative exploration through unique board designs. You can watch a Magenta Skateboards video and not feel totally shit about how bad you suck at skating. 

Magenta Skateboards Philosophy

Magenta’s philosophy revolves around 'skateboarding as a way of life'. This ethos is evident in their distinct video parts and graphic designs that echo the brand’s artistic roots and street-skating heritage. Magenta is celebrated not only for its high-quality, durable skateboards but also for its contributions to the skateboarding culture, including collaborations with renowned brands and artists.

Magenta Skate Team

The brand's global influence is reinforced by their international team of skaters who embody the Magenta spirit in cities worldwide, making Magenta a symbol of skateboarding's diverse and inclusive culture. Whether you're cruising through urban landscapes or performing tricks at a local skate park, Magenta Skateboards offers a slice of Parisian cool with every ride, fostering a sense of community and shared passion among skaters everywhere.

Magenta Skateboards Hoodie

Magenta Skateboards produce a full line of of skate wear garms, including Magenta Skateboards T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and caps. 

Produced alongside a selection of cut & sew pieces each season brings the usual subtle style that Magenta have become known for. 

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Magenta Skateboards Clothing

Magenta Skateboards 8.5?

What size deck you wanting? We got all of them homie. Click the link here to shop all our Magenta Skateboards decks. Made in the Generator Woodshop, Magenta make some of the most premium wood around. With a sick team that put them to the test, you know you can rely on them for the sesh. 

Who Owns Magenta Skateboards?

Magenta Skateboards, co-founded by Soy Panday along with Vivien Feil and Jean Feil, is a brand deeply rooted in the personal passions and lifestyles of its creators. Eschewing a sole focus on performance, Magenta is more about the joy of skateboarding with friends and expressing artistic vision through innovative skateboard designs. The name "Magenta" itself rcame from the name of the road that the crew lived on in France, Rue de Magenta This ethos has shaped Magenta into a brand that prioritizes creative expression and community over conventional metrics of success.

Paul Vale | April 16th 2024


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