Magenta Skateboards | Ten Years Strong in 2020!

Magenta Skateboards | Ten Years Strong in 2020!

Magenta Skateboards will be celebrating a decade in the skate game in 2020. One of our favourite brands here at The Vines skate shop in Solihull, Magenta was founded in France by the feil brother and artistic powerhouse Soy Panday. Since the brand was launched in Paris, Magenta has created a style that is unmistakably theirs, fusing super high quality garments with an understated, stylish aesthetic that is punctuated with inspiration from athletic leisure wear. Magenta Hoodies are a continuous winner with the Vines team. The owners keep a keen watch over the quality of their products and this can be seen and felt throughout products in every range. Now based between Paris and the southern town of Bordeaux, Magenta still take inspiration from the European surroundings and this can be seen interspersed throughout all of their collections.

Still skater owned and run, it is a brand that crosses easily from the skate scene to street and mainstream, whilst keeping its core appeal due to the the consistent and unerring direction the business has been pushed by Panday and the brother Feil. In addition, they have collaborated with some of the biggest names in skate including Adidas and Etnies.

Zach Lyons for Magenta Skateboards | The Vines Skate Shop Solihull

Added to this, the skate team, which comprises skaters such as ben Gore, Glen Fox, Zach Lyons, Jimmy Lannon and Leo Valls, has put out a steady stream of classic French skate flicks that incorporate and maintain the distinctive Magenta style. These videos are immediately relatable to the skate masses by focusing on the more rider-friendly side of skating, as opposed to other vids which have a serious weighting on the gnarly, hell-man aspects.

Magenta skate Decks are pressed by Generator Wood in the USA which was chosen due to the high quality of the maple and the super clean print finish that can be achieved.

Magenta Skate Team | The Vines Supply Company


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