Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 8th April

Heard It On The Great Vines - Skateboarding News - Monday 8th April

I was a real skateboarder - not a gifted skateboarder. I represented that skateboarding was fun to do by being terrible at it.

Lance Mountain

Welcome to another episode of 'Heard It On The Great Vines'

where we talk about the latest skateboarding videos, skateboard magazines, skate brands, skatewear & gossip that's been releaesed over the last week.

Mike Arnold's "Mike vs Bike" Video

Watch the process of one of our favourites, Mike Arnold, attempting to fakie flip hippy jump a bike. There was a lot of thought that went into it... and 4 bikes.

Nile Gibbs "GX1000" Part

In the all-white New Balance 1010's, GX1000's Nile Gibbs roams San Fransisco with steez and ease.

Texas based video 'ENERGY'

Entirely filmed at Grey Hallway by Dean Koontz, 'ENERGY' features some heavy ledge manoeuvres from the heart of Texas, USA 🇺‍🇲

Check it out now on Free Skate Mag


Quartersnacks bring us the latest from Milan's Rat Ratz crew. Surprisingly enjoyable trap music with powerful skateboarding.

With the backing of Nike SB, the Rat Ratz crew have cranked up the difficulty from every skater on the team.

Featuring Niko Giovannoni, Zuma, Rachid, Plako, Korahn Gayle, Nils Matijas, and Vince Palmer. Filmed & edited by Brisquit.

Epic video.

Grey Skate Mag Vol. 5 - Issue 21

Grey Skateboard Magazine

The latest addition to the infamous London-based skateboarding magazine, Grey Skate Mag, features Jaakko Ojanen surfing a concrete wave in Kingsford, Worcestershire. It also features interviews with Albie Edmonds, discussing street snowboarding and his home roots; and an interview with Darby Gough about finding peace where you are and memories of rampage.

The mags filled with stories of skateboarding roots, trips and incredible photography and spots, grab yours for FREE at your local skate shop or with any online order on our website (thevinessupply.co)

A look back at Pat Duffy's Plan B 'Questionable" Part

A look at the history of handrail pioneer Pat Duffy, infamous for his part in Plan B Questionable as well as numerous other standout parts released in the 90's. His CV is impressive, with parts being released consistently to this day, being seen in Plan B Code in 2022.

to this day gif

Hear stories of street skating history from the man himself on Storied.

Yuto Horigome Wins Tampa Pro 2024

Japan's Contest King Yuto Horigome takes another fat dub at Tampa Pro. My favourite part of his line is the feeble back tailslide across the chunky round rail. Smoother than silk as always.

The best trick contest was absolute carnage too! I'm going to go next year and do the NAC in my white tank top.

ROUGH CUT: Louie Lopez's "As You Wish" Part

Thrasher blessed us with sharing the process Louie takes when filming for his Cons 'As You Wish' Part.

Louie's everyone's favourite because he does mad shit with a smile on his face. This part's no exception, his spot selection and mindset are second to none.


SK8MAFIA's second instalment of their micro skateboard series has come out and just like the first one, they went unnecessarily hard.

Absolute hammers thrown from the likes of Wes KremerAlexis RamirezTJ Rogers... Pat Duffy and John Hill? Cool

Connor Upton | 8th April 2024

That's it for this weeks skateboarding news people!

Think we missed anything? 

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