Catch some Autumn Vibes with Magenta's Fall 21 Collection

Catch some Autumn Vibes with Magenta's Fall 21 Collection

Magenta is an independent skateboarder owned company coming from Paris. Similar to Helás, the French class brings fantastic quality. Magenta is a collaborative business venture between brothers Vivien and Jean Feil, alongside Soy Panday who influences Magenta’s art direction. Through their worldwide connections Magentas crew consists of Vivien, Soy, Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Ruben Spelta, Ben Gore, Glen Fox and numerous other creative friends and collaborators.

Their Fall 21 collection has a serious Autumn feel, with the classic Magenta leaf logo feeling relevant as leaves fall from the trees. We've got hoodies, a crew and a fleece to take out in this unpredictable British weather. But personally, I think that the tee's take the cake. The Ballet Tee shows the artistic motions found in skating, the PWS tee has a striking orange and embroidery dead centre and the Camera tee has a really neat metaphorical graphic. I don't need to big them up, just check them out and you'll know what we're on about.

To keep your dome warm, we've got 2 classic Everest Beanies, made from a wool & acrylic mix. Alongside a beige 6 panel that would fit perfectly with the natural coloured leaf tee. If you're looking to avoid the 5-0, lay under a tree in that outfit in deep Autumn and you'll be undetectable.

As the temperature starts to drop and the sun goes down faster, make sure you've got some of the new magenta pieces for when it is dry... ish. Check all the new collection HERE.


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