Polar Skate Co | Swedens Finest Skate Goods at The Vines

Polar Skate Co | Swedens Finest Skate Goods at The Vines

Polar Skate Co. is a skateboarding company that was founded in Malmo, Sweden by Pontus Alv. Polar and produces clothing and decks for skateboarders around the world. Polar's main focus is on supporting professional skaters such as Dane Brady, Hjalte Halberg, Oskar Rozenberg and Shin Sanbongi. This sick team produce Polar videos that are among the best in the industry. Check out "I Like It Here Inside My Mind" when you get chance...

Polar clothing is made of high-quality materials and designed by Pontus Alv himself, with input from Polar riders like Jacob Ovgren, friends and other collaborators.

Polar skateboards are made in the USA with high-quality 7 ply maple veneer wood held together with some damn strong glue.. Polar deck sizes range from 7.75" up, with Polar Team Series decks that are reliable enough for professional use! So if you're looking for quality and quality, Polar should be your first choice. Polar's Surf Pants, and now the Big Boy jeans are hugely popular as well as their range of Polar Skate t-shirts, caps and Polar hoodies. Polar is one of the most respected skateboard companies in the world, created by Pontus Alv with the mission to ‘inspire others to inspire themselves’. Polar produces high-quality skateboard clothing alongside Polar skate decks. Their popular clothing line includes the Polar Big Boy denim.

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