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Dive into Bronze 56k's Spring 2024 collection, featuring the freshest caps, hoodies, tees, and skateboards for the street and park. With bold designs and durable gear, get ready to elevate your skate style this season. Find out where to grab your gear with our guide to Bronze 56k UK stockists.

Bronze 56k Caps

Kicking things off with the Bronze 56k cap, these head-toppers are more than just shade from the sun—they're a statement. With bold designs and that iconic logo, these caps are essentials for any skater’s wardrobe. Ready to add that final touch to your outfit? Bronze caps are the way.

Bronze 56K Hardware

This is where it all started— Bronze 56k hardware . These pieces are the unsung heroes, keeping your board rollin while you nail those tricks. Durable and reliable, they're a testament to Bronze's commitment to quality. Hardware for the masses

Bronze 56K Hoodie

The Bronze 56k hoodie line-up is here to keep you looking fresh and feeling warm. These hoodies mix comfort with street cred, featuring sick designs that stand out in a crowd. Perfect for chilly evenings or just lounging, they're a must-have this season.

Bronze 56K T-shirt

Bronze T-shirts are the staple of any skater's wardrobe, and Bronze tees are hitting the streets hard. With unique prints and a comfy fit, they’re perfect for day-long sessions at the park or just kicking back with your crew. This collections key pieces include the Troglodyte tee, Bronze, Love & Hardware, and the classis B Logo tee. Sophisticated Adult Entertainment.

Bronze 56k History

Bronze 56k didn't just emerge on the scene; it burst through with the force of a runaway skateboard, carving its own path in the pavement of skate and streetwear culture. It all started in the early 2010s, in the heart of New York City, where the urban landscape becomes not just a backdrop but a playground for creativity and defiance.

The founders, Peter Sidlauskas and Pat Murray , were not newcomers to the world of skateboarding. These guys lived and breathed the streets, spending their days grinding rails and capturing the essence of the city through their iconic lo-fi VHS camcorder footage. Bronze was born out of this raw, unfiltered love for skateboarding, combined with a nod to the nostalgic era of 56k internet modems, symbolising a time when the digital and physical worlds began to merge.

Initially, Bronze 56k made waves with its distinctive video edits, which stood out for their unique blend of retro internet imagery and gritty skateboarding. These videos weren't just edits; they were statements, each frame dripping with the essence of 90s cyberculture clashing with the concrete reality of New York streets.

As the videos gained traction, Sidlauskas and Murray saw an opportunity to channel their creative energy into something tangible. They began producing limited runs of tees and hoodies, each piece infused with the brand's signature blend of internet-age nostalgia and street sensibility. What started as merch for their videos quickly blossomed into a full-fledged streetwear line, revered for its authenticity and underground appeal. Bronze 56k's rise wasn't meteoric, but rather a steady climb, built on the foundation of genuine passion and grassroots support from the skate community.

Bronze 56k Team

First up, we've got Josh Wilson . This guy's a beast on the board, known for his smooth style and killer instinct on the rails. When Josh hits the streets, it's not just skating; it's pure art.

Dick Rizzo ent far behind, bringing that raw New York energy to the mix. His approach to spots is like no other, always finding new ways to leave his mark. With Dick, expect the unexpected.

Brendan Carroll brings the technical finesse. His precision and control are unmatched, making even the most complex tricks look easy. Watching him skate is like seeing a master at work.

Chachi is the soul of the crew. With a style all his own and a vibe that's contagious, he keeps the energy high and the stoke real. Whether it's a chill session or a heated contest, Chachi's the heart beating at the center.

Bronze 56k Videos

Bronze 56k's videos are more than just skate montages; they're cinematic masterpieces that capture the essence of street skating. Each release is eagerly anticipated, showcasing the team's latest exploits and the brand's newest gear in action.

Bronze 56k Skateboards

At its core, Bronze 56k is all about the boards. Their skateboard line is a blend of art and engineering, offering unrivaled performance whether you're grinding rails or cruising the city. These decks are where Bronze 56k's heart truly lies.

Paul Vale | 27th March 2024


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