Bronze 56K x Alltimers

Bronze 56K x Alltimers

Uniting New York Legends: Bronze 56K x Alltimers Collab Takes NYC by Storm

We've just taken the fire new collab between Bronze 56K and Alltimers, two OG skate brands repping New York City's pulse and skate culture. This ent just a fashion drop; it's a fusion of gritty histories and skate crews that have been carving their names in the concrete jungle since day.

Key Pieces:

Alltimers x Bronze 56K Lambo Cruiser Skateboard Deck

Alltimers x Bronze 56K Skatepark T-Shirt | White

Alltimers x Bronze 56K PB & J T-Shirt | Navy

Bronze 56k x Alltimers Backstories

First off, let’s break it down. Bronze 56K, born in 2011, kicked in the door with their edgy, glitchy videos, and gear that screams NYC's raw energy. They’ve been repping the underground, blending skateboarding with a tech vibe that’s all their own. On the other side, Alltimers stepped onto the scene in 2013, flaunting their playful, nostalgic designs merged with that slick NY edge. These cats have been about blending high fashion with streetwear vibes that scream city life.

The NYC Connection

These brands arent just from NYC; they're soaked in its essence. Bronze 56K pulses with the city’s chaotic energy, embracing the chaos, grit, and realness of the streets. Alltimers? They’re all about that NYC cheekiness, mixing old-school nostalgia with modern sass, basically breathing the city air into their designs.

Heavy Skate Crews

When it comes to the skate game, Bronze 56K’s lineup is straight-up fire. Take Dick Rizzo, a street skating icon known for pushing the limits and dropping video parts that redefine the game. Then there’s Josh Wilson, a technical wizard whose finesse on the board is jaw-dropping, and Kevin Tierney, who brings a blend of style and innovation that’s just unmatched. These riders don’t just ride; they own the streets with a swagger that’s purely NYC. Shifting gears to the Alltimers crew, they've got their own set of heavy hitters. Dustin Henry is the smooth operator, mixing finesse with creativity in a way that's impossible to ignore. And Tyler Warrens all about style, constantly pushing boundaries and flipping the script on what’s possible. Together with Mike Gigliotti, whose skills are as diverse as the city itself, they’re painting the town with their unique approach to skateboarding.

Extra Juice

This drop ent just about looks; it’s about that attention to detail. The collab is like a melting pot of Bronze 56K's glitchy aesthetics and Alltimers' cheeky retro vibes. Think classic silhouettes with a splash of cyberpunk edge on hoodies and tees. They've also dropped a limited-edition deck, probably one of the hottest collector’s items, combining both crews’ iconic logos. Plus, the video promo? It’s not just a trailer; it's an art piece. These guys know how to make an entrance.

So, when these two legends come together, it’s not just a collab; it's a cultural explosion. It’s like they took the best of NY’s skate culture, mashed it up, and dropped it right in the middle of the hype scene, leaving heads turning and jaws dropping. This collab isn’t just about the clothes or the boards; it’s about celebrating the essence of NYC’s street culture, bringing together the vibes of two iconic crews in a way that’s raw, authentic, and unapologetically bold. So, if you’re looking to cop some threads or decks that scream NYC’s street spirit while supporting some of the realest skate crews out there, this collab’s where it’s at. Because when Bronze 56K and Alltimers join forces, you know it’s more than uour regular collab.


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