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Palace have just dropped their holiday 23 deck collection so we thought what better time than to take a deeper look into the brand. We've been stocking Palace for a good few years now and still get hyped when a new drop hits the store. Read on for all you need to know about the London heavyweights...

Palace Skateboards: Where Streetwear Meets Skate Culture

If you've ever ventured into the world of streetwear and skateboarding, chances are you've stumbled upon the enigmatic Palace Skateboards. Founded in 2009 by Lev Tanju, Palace has emerged as a standout brand that beautifully blends the gritty allure of skate culture with a dash of British irreverence. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the history of Palace Skateboards, introduce you to their eclectic skate team, explore their iconic videos, delve into notable collaborations, and unearth some other intriguing tidbits about this brand that's anything but ordinary.

A Brief History of Palace Skateboards

Before we jump into the action, let's rewind a bit to understand the roots of Palace Skateboards. Lev Tanju, a London-based skater and filmmaker, decided to create a brand that celebrated skateboarding while not taking itself too seriously. Palace was born out of this desire, and it quickly gained a reputation for its irreverent humor and distinctive graphics.

Tanju's DIY ethos shines through in the brand's early days when he and his friends would hand-draw graphics on blank skateboards, giving Palace its unmistakable raw aesthetic. This approach resonated with skaters and streetwear enthusiasts alike, leading to Palace's meteoric rise in the fashion world and a cult following among A-list celebrities.

The Palace Skate Team: PWBC

One of the pillars of Palace Skateboards' success is its formidable skate team. Comprising both homegrown talents and international stars, the team embodies the brand's spirit of rebellion and fun. Led by Lev Tanju himself, the Palace Skate Team boasts an impressive roster of riders who continually push the boundaries of street skateboarding.

Names like Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, and Benny Fairfax have become synonymous with Palace's unique blend of style and grit. These riders not only shred the streets but also serve as ambassadors of the brand, embodying the effortless cool that Palace exudes.

Palace Videos: Cinematic Skateboarding Magic

Palace Skateboards isn't just about clothing; it's about capturing the essence of skate culture through captivating videos. Their video releases are eagerly anticipated events in the skateboarding community, and they never disappoint.

"Palasonic" was the brand's debut full-length video, released in 2017. It was a nostalgic trip through the streets of London, featuring the entire skate team and cameos from some skate legends. The video was an instant hit, showcasing not only the team's remarkable skills but also the unmistakable vibe of the city that birthed Palace.

Following "Palasonic," Palace dropped "Palasonic 2" in 2020, keeping the momentum going. This sequel was packed with incredible tricks, cheeky humor, and the same signature aesthetic that fans had come to love. They've just dropped their latest full length Beta Blockers which you can watch here on YouTube

Notable Collaborations

Palace Skateboards has never shied away from collaborating with high-profile brands, bringing a fresh twist to streetwear. One of their most iconic collaborations was with none other than adidas Originals. The "Palace Pro" collection, featuring sneakers and apparel, combined the German sportswear giant's expertise with Palace's unique style. It was an instant hit, selling out faster than you can do an ollie.

But Palace's collaboration game doesn't stop at sneakers. They've joined forces with iconic names like Ralph Lauren, Evisu, and even the late, great Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each collaboration has been a testament to Palace's ability to seamlessly blend street culture with high fashion.

Heavy Branding and Hype Drops: The Palace Formula

Palace Skateboards has a knack for creating buzz around their releases. Their marketing strategy is part hypebeast, part irreverent comedy. From mysterious teaser videos to cryptic social media posts, Palace keeps fans on their toes, eagerly awaiting the drop of each new collection.

Their iconic logo, the Tri-Ferg (created by Marc Jacobs designer Fergus Purcell), has become a symbol of authenticity and aspiration. It appears on everything from hoodies to skate decks and has a cult following all its own. Palace's witty branding which sees Lev write all of their leftfield product descriptions himself and the limited nature of their releases have cultivated a huge fan base that reaches worldwide.

Palace Skateboards is more than just a clothing brand; it's a cultural phenomenon. It has seamlessly integrated with music, art, and subculture, often collaborating with musicians and artists who share their rebellious spirit. Their London store, situated on Brewer Street in Soho, serves as a hub for creativity, hosting art exhibitions and music events.

The brand's embrace of diversity and inclusivity sets it apart in the often-exclusive world of fashion. Palace isn't just for skaters; it's for anyone who appreciates authenticity, humor, and a healthy dose of British eccentricity.

In a world where streetwear can sometimes feel oversaturated and formulaic, Palace Skateboards stands out as a beacon of authenticity and originality. Lev Tanju's vision, combined with the talents of the Palace Skate Team and a knack for unforgettable branding, has propelled the brand to legendary status and it sits at the top of the skate wear pyramid.


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