The Vines Skate Shop 5th Birthday Party!!!

Skate Shop Near Me | The Vines Solihull
On the 9th March, The Vines Skate Shop celebrated its 5th birthday. This would be a pretty sick milestone by any standards, but by how messed up the world seems to have got the last 5 years, it feels almost miraculous.


Our birthday party saw all the local homies get together to enjoy the usual birthday goodness: Cake, party hats, beers, cookies and tunes


We're still here, giving it everything we've got to make the best skate shop we can. In the last five years, we've supported the local scene with a whole heap of events, including skate jams, film nights and in store parties. Keep an eye on the events page for the upcoming Service Day, Go Skate Day jam and Halloween Jam. 


Safe to everyone that came down, and to everyone thats been holding us down for those five years, we appreciate you more than we can say.



Heres to the next five years...
Peace & Love



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