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Skate Shop Day 2024
Skate SHop Day 2024

When is Skate Shop Day?

When is Skate Shop Day you ask? The 3rd Saturday in Feb every year is International Skate Shop Day!

A huge turnout for the 4th ever International SSD 2024 at The Vines saw the homies enjoy tunes by Thirtzy, a deck raffle, beers and all round sick vibes. We were humbled by the numbers landin down to show their love for the shop.

Skate Shop Day Decks

Skate brands made a sick selection of limited edition product only available in bricks and mortar SOS skate shops including Skate Shop Day decks, trucks and shoes. 

Skate Shop Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in February. This special day is dedicated to honouring and supporting local skate shops that are the backbone of the skateboarding community. It's about recognising the vital role these hubs play not only in supplying gear and apparel but also in fostering the culture and local skate scenes.
Local skate shops do more than sell skateboards and accessories; they serve as community centres for skaters of all ages. These shops host events, sponsor local skaters, and create an environment where anyone from beginner to pro can come in, hang out, and talk shop. They offer a space where stories are shared, advice is given, and friendships are forged. More importantly, they provide a platform for local brands and skaters to showcase their talents and gain recognition.

Skate Shop Day was conceived as a way to give back to these local businesses that have given so much to the skateboarding community. In an age where online shopping is more convenient, and big-box retailers can undercut prices, local skate shops have felt the economic pinch. This day encourages skaters and the community at large to shop local and invest their dollars back into their own towns, supporting the shops that keep the skate culture alive.

Celebrations on Skate Shop Day vary from shop to shop but often include special releases, exclusive deals, and community events such as skate competitions, demos, or free skate sessions. Shops might also release limited edition merchandise like custom decks or T-shirts designed specifically for the occasion. It's a day of festivity, where the atmosphere buzzes with excitement and the community comes together to support their local scene.

Moreover, Skate Shop Day is crucial in educating the public about the importance of local skate shops in nurturing future generations of skaters. These shops are often the first to spot and nurture local talent, providing them with the support they need to grow in the sport. They sponsor young skaters, give them a platform to improve, and represent them in bigger skate competitions that could be pivotal in their careers.
The day also serves as a reminder of the resilience and passion within the skate community. Many shop owners are skaters themselves, who've turned their passion for skating into their livelihood. Their love for the sport and commitment to their community is what keeps them going, even when times are tough. Skate Shop Day highlights these stories of perseverance and passion, reminding everyone of the human element behind each shop.

In conclusion, Skate Shop Day isn't just about boosting sales; it's a crucial initiative that sustains the grassroots elements of skateboarding culture. By supporting local skate shops, the community ensures that these businesses can continue to serve as the welcoming, nurturing ground for current and future skaters. It's a day to celebrate, give back, and solidify the bonds within the skateboarding community, ensuring that local skate shops thrive for years to come.

Peace and love



Skate shop day sale...

p.s. we usually run a SSD sale, with 10% off all hardware in store and online


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