What is Skate Shop Day? A Day To Celebrate Your Local SOS

Skate Shop Day

What is Skate Shop Day?

Skate Shop Day, held annually on the third Saturday in February, is a skateboard version of Record Store Day. This day recognises and celebrates the integral role of skate shops in fostering the skateboarding community and culture. Let’s delve into why this day matters, its origins, and how you can participate, regardless of your location.


The Origins of Skate Shop Day

Founded in 2019 by Scotty Coats and Chris Nieratko, Skate Shop Day emerged from a shared passion for skateboarding and the influence of local skate shops on their lives. Coats, who ventured into a music career, and Nieratko, who opened NJ Skateshop, were inspired by Record Store Day to create a similar celebration for skateboarding. This initiative underscores the importance of skate shops in nurturing the sport and its community.


When is Skate Shop Day?

Choosing the 3rd Saturday in February for Skate Shop Day was strategic; it's typically a slow month for skate shops, post-holiday season. This timing aims to inject vitality and support into these businesses during a lull, ensuring they continue to thrive and support the skateboarding community.


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Celebrating Skate Shop Day

Skate Shop Day goes beyond mere appreciation; it's a day filled with events, exclusive merchandise, and community gatherings. These activities highlight the value of local skate shops in promoting skateboarding and supporting enthusiasts with gear, advice, and a sense of belonging.


The Impact and Future of Skate Shop Day

Since its inception, Skate Shop Day has gained momentum, with collaborations from prominent skate brands and artists contributing to its growth. These partnerships have led to exclusive products and designs that celebrate and support the ethos of skateboarding, aiming to keep the culture alive and vibrant.


Participation Beyond Local Proximity

Even if you don’t have a local skate shop, you can still celebrate Skate Shop Day. Online platforms offer a way to support skater-owned businesses globally, ensuring the spirit of the day is accessible to all, regardless of geographical location.


Skate Shop Day: Why It Matters...

Skate Shop Day is more than a commercial event; it's a testament to the communal and supportive nature of the skateboarding world. Skate shops are not just retail spaces but community hubs where relationships are built, and passions are fueled. Supporting these shops means sustaining the heartbeat of the skate scene.

Skate Shop Day serves as a reminder of the vital role skate shops play in the skateboarding community. By participating in this day, we celebrate and ensure the continued growth and vibrancy of skate culture worldwide.


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