What Are The Most Popular Skateboard Brands?

What Are The Most Popular Skateboard Brands?

Skate Brands: A Look at Our Top 10 Brands In Store

Skateboarding has always been about style, individuality, and embracing a unique culture. Part of what makes this culture so special is the diverse array of skateboard brands that have emerged over the years. Each brand brings its own history, team riders, and distinctive flavour to the skateboarding world. Here, we'll take a closer look at the 10 most popular skateboard brands that we have here at The Vines.

1. Polar Skate Co

History: Polar Skate Co, a true gem in the skateboarding world, was born in Malmö, Sweden, in 2011. Founded by the enigmatic Pontus Alv, this brand has become synonymous with a raw, artistic, and avant-garde approach to skateboarding. Alv's vision was to create a brand that stood out from the crowd, both in terms of skateboarding style and artistry. From its inception, Polar Skate Co has been a platform for experimentation, often pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a skateboard. Pontus Alv himself is not only the founder but also the creative genius behind many of the brand's distinctive graphics. His artwork adorns decks and apparel, creating a visual identity that captures the essence of skateboarding's free spirit.

Team Riders: The Polar team is a tightly-knit crew of riders who embody the brand's artistic ethos. Skaters like Hjalte Halberg, Nick Boserio, and Dane Brady bring their unique styles and creativity to the brand, solidifying its position as an innovator in the skateboarding world.

Fun Fact: The brand's distinctive graphics are often created by renowned artist and founder Pontus Alv himself.

2. Butter Goods

History: Butter Goods, an Australian skateboarding brand, entered the scene in 2008, and since then, it has been making waves worldwide. Founded by Garth Mariano and Matt Evans, the brand started from humble beginnings, with the two friends producing clothing in their parents' garage. Despite its modest origins, Butter Goods quickly gained recognition for its minimalistic designs and dedication to quality. From Perth, Australia, Butter Goods has established a reputation for its clean, understated aesthetic. The brand's graphics often feature simple yet eye-catching designs, showcasing a commitment to timeless style that resonates with skaters and streetwear enthusiasts alike.

Team Riders: Team Butter includes talented individuals like Casey Foley, Phil Marshall, and Philly Santosuosso, all of whom contribute to the brand's unique appeal with their distinct skateboarding styles.

Fun Fact: The brand was started by Garth Mariano and Matt Evans, who initially produced their clothing in their parents' garage.

3. Helas

History: Helas, the brainchild of French skateboarders Lucas Puig, Stephen Khou, and Clement Brunel, emerged from the bustling streets of Paris in the early 2010s. The brand's name, "Helas" (French for "unfortunately"), reflects a certain French nonchalance and humor that they've injected into the skateboarding scene. Helas combines the worlds of skateboarding and French streetwear, offering a unique blend of style and functionality. The founders aimed to create something that resonated with both skaters and fashion enthusiasts, and they succeeded admirably.

Team Riders: The Helas team showcases some of Europe's best skateboarders, with Lucas Puig, JB Gillet, and Max Geronzi at the forefront. These riders exemplify the brand's fusion of skateboarding prowess and Parisian elegance.

Fun Fact: Helas is credited with popularizing the "5-panel" cap style, which has since become a staple in skateboarding fashion.

4. Vans

History: When it comes to skateboarding, Vans is a brand that needs no introduction. Founded in 1966 in Anaheim, California, Vans has played an integral role in skateboarding's history and growth. The company's commitment to skateboarders has been unwavering from day one. Vans' deep roots in skateboarding are evident in its iconic shoes, such as the Vans Old Skool and Sk8-Hi. These timeless classics have been embraced by generations of skaters, making Vans a household name in skateboarding.

Team Riders: The Vans team has been home to legendary skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley, and, more recently, the incredible Pedro Barros. Vans continually supports and celebrates the skateboarding community.

Fun Fact: Vans' "Off the Wall" slogan, coined in the late 1970s, was used by pool skaters and reflects the brand's rebellious spirit and commitment to skate culture.

5. HUF

History: HUF, founded in 2002 by the late Keith Hufnagel, is a brand deeply rooted in skateboarding and street culture. Keith's vision was to create a brand that celebrated skateboarding's raw energy and creativity while embracing the broader world of urban lifestyle. Hufnagel's shop in San Francisco, HUF SF, quickly became a hub for the local skate community, and the brand's distinctive plantlife logo became an emblem of authenticity and style. HUF's commitment to quality and creativity has made it a cornerstone of modern skateboarding fashion.

Team Riders: HUF sponsors a talented team, including Austyn Gillette, Mason Silva, and Tyler Bledsoe, who embody the brand's fusion of skateboarding and street style.

Fun Fact: Hufnagel's legacy lives on through HUF, ensuring that his love for skateboarding and street culture continues to inspire generations of skaters.

6. Santa Cruz

History: Santa Cruz Skateboards is an iconic brand that has been synonymous with skateboarding since its founding in 1973. Born in the vibrant skate scene of Santa Cruz, California, this brand played a pivotal role in the early days of skateboarding's evolution. Santa Cruz's history is intertwined with legendary figures like Jim Phillips, whose iconic "Screaming Hand" graphic became an emblem of skate culture. The brand's commitment to innovative deck designs and quality manufacturing has solidified its place in the skateboard hall of fame.

Team Riders: Over the years, Santa Cruz has supported legendary skaters such as Rob Roskopp, Eric Dressen, and Tom Knox, all of whom have contributed to the brand's rich legacy.

Fun Fact: The "Screaming Hand" logo, created by Jim Phillips in 1985, remains one of the most recognizable and enduring symbols in skateboarding history.

7. Magenta

History: Magenta Skateboards is a brand that brings a touch of artistic sophistication to skateboarding. Founded in Paris, France, in the early 2010s by Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, and brothers Jean and Leo Valls, Magenta has made a name for itself by merging skating with contemporary art. Magenta's aesthetic is a breath of fresh air in the skateboarding world. The brand often collaborates with local artists, infusing their boards with unique, eye-catching designs that appeal to both skaters and art enthusiasts.

Team Riders: The Magenta team features creative skaters like Leo Valls and Ben Gore, who embody the brand's artistic ethos.

Fun Fact: Magenta's videos, such as "Soleil Levant" and "Panic in Gotham," are known for their artistic storytelling and captivating cinematography.

8. New Balance Numeric

History: New Balance Numeric is a skateboarding subsidiary of the renowned New Balance brand. Launched in 2013, the brand entered the skateboarding market with a commitment to quality, style, and performance. New Balance Numeric's entry into skateboarding was marked by the introduction of innovative skate shoes that combined fashion-forward design with skateboarding functionality. This approach has resonated with both skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts.

Team Riders: The New Balance Numeric team includes top-tier skaters like Jamie Foy, Tiago Lemos, and Tom Knox, who appreciate the brand's focus on style, innovation, and durability.

Fun Fact: New Balance Numeric's designs often draw inspiration from New Balance's heritage of producing high-quality athletic footwear, for example Andrew Reynolds' take on the classic basketball shoe the 480.

9. Fucking Awesome

History: Fucking Awesome, founded by Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen, is a brand that captures the irreverent spirit of skateboarding. Since its inception, the brand has embraced a bold and unconventional approach to skateboarding fashion and graphics. Known for provocative and thought-provoking graphics, Fucking Awesome has carved out a niche for itself in the skateboarding world. Its unapologetic attitude and distinctive designs have earned it a dedicated following.

Team Riders: The brand sponsors skaters like Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsesser, and Sean Pablo, who embody the rebellious spirit of Fucking Awesome.

Fun Fact: Fucking Awesome's logo, designed by Mikey Piscitelli, is a cross between Hulkmania and the Misfits and reflects the brand's subversive approach to skate culture.

10. Skateboard Cafe

History: Skateboard Cafe, hailing from Bristol, UK, was founded in 2012. The brand emerged from the vibrant British skateboarding scene, offering a unique blend of British humour, style, and skateboarding. Skateboard Cafe's distinct aesthetic and quirky graphics have garnered attention from skaters worldwide. They often collaborate with local artists to create one-of-a-kind board designs that reflect their offbeat sensibilities.

Team Riders: The team features talented skaters like Korahn Gayle and Josh Arnott, who embody the brand's fusion of skateboarding and British eccentricity.

Fun Fact: Skateboard Cafe's video releases, such as "Alfresco" and "SONATA," showcase their commitment to storytelling and skateboarding creativity.


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