Butter Goods Q3 2023 - New Collection Product Focus

Butter Goods Fall 23 Collection

Easy people! We're diving headfirst into the Q3 2023 Butter Goods Collection, and let me tell you, it's pure fire! The homies behind Butter Goods know what's up when it comes to dropping fresh garms that scream style and originality.

This collection's like a mixtape of inspiration. They've taken cues from everything from gritty street art all the way to the chilled vibes of nature. It's like they grabbed life's raddest moments and turned them into skate wear statements. The colour palettes are a nod to the changing seasons. They're bringing earthy tones to the party, with deep greens and sandy creams – the kind of colours that make you think of those crisp autumn days. But then they're spicing it up with hints of muted blues and mustard yellows that add that unexpected pop.

Key Pieces:

  1. Butter Goods Teddy Hoodie: This hoodie is like a warm hug for your style game. Featuring a cartoon teddy asleep with a nine milli, it's all about the paradox of cute and grimey. The Teddy Hoodie is plush and practical, making it your new go-to for shredding the streets or just kicking back.

  2. Butter Goods Web Denim Pants: These pants are built for skateboarding, no doubt about it. Inspired by the grit and grind of the skatepark, the Web Denim Pants are rugged yet flexible. Featuring an allover web print, they're a statement piece to elevate your fit from basic to bitchin.

  3. Butter Goods Pitch 1/4 Zip Fleece: If you've ever needed a piece that's both steezy and functional, the Pitch 1/4 Zip Fleece is your answer. Inspired by the transition from day to night, it's versatile as. Pull it on for those late-night sessions or just rock it casually – either way, you'll be turning heads.

  4. Butter Goods Park Stripe Tee: This tee is like a nod to the classic skate park vibes we all know and love. With its old-school stripes and fresh colors, it's like a time machine back to the roots of skate culture. Comfortable and rad, this tee is a must-have for any skater's collection.

  5. Butter Goods Hound Denim Pants: These pants have the swagger you need when you're rolling through the city. Inspired by the urban jungle, the Hound Denim Pants are built tough. They've got a relaxed fit and extra pockets for all your essentials. No matter where you're cruising, these pants have got your back.

Peace and Love



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