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For this installment of our 'RIDER PROFILE' series we spoke to Lancashires finest LLoyd McLeggon. With a recent section in Supertoxic Urethane's 'Were Working On It' video, expect big things from this Manchester shredder. See what he says to say about riding in the UK...


LLoyd McLeggon Backside Tailslide

TVSC: Hey Lloyd. Great to catch up with you. Lets get started with where you're from?

Lloyd McLeggon: I'm from Failsworth, Manchester


TVSC: When did you start skating? Turn pro?

LLoyd: I started skating 9 years ago, just before I turned 16. Turn pro, ha I wish but that's the dream! Maybe one day who knows but I'm just going to run with whatever happens.

TVSC: Where is your favourite place to skate in the UK and why? And what about worldwide?

LLoyd: In the UK there's only one spot that has my heart and soul, Urbis in Manchester. Ledges on ledges on ledges and always a good skate for me there. Some people don't like it but I love it, going round in circles doing tricks is the best. The best plaza ever for me. In the world? Hmm its a difficult one but I would say Macba in Barcelona right now, always a good session and perfect flatground as well as buttery ledges and stairs..however parallel in Barcelona has been re-built so I'm looking forward to seeing if it will live up to the world famous manual pads that was once in its place.

TVSC: What do you most enjoy about skating in the UK ? And most dislike?

Lloyd: I think that the UK scene is very proud and supportive of those that are involved within it. I also think that it holds its own and is very independent much like the United Kingdom itself. However the weather does play a very large factor, if you want some sun then get over to Barcelona ha. The weather is a major factor as it is raining here a large amount of the time, but the spots here are very unique so its always worth travelling and exploring.


TVSC: Whats your usual routine before you go skate?

LLoyd: Depending on the weather depends on how I start. Go to work, get home, eat and then stretch. If it's wet then I will head down to the Pumpcage (Projekts Skatepark) and stay there unless it dries up then go skate street. That usually means head down to Urbis to go warm up.

TVSC: Whats your favourite trick?

Lloyd: Definately Nollie 360 Flips, no pop and no sound but it still comes off the ground! Haha love it!

Lloyd McLeggon Heel Flip

TVSC: Who are your favourite skaters?

Lloyd: My favorite skaters and biggest influences on how I skate are Stevie Williams, Kareem Campbell, Rodrigo TX, Chris Cole for sure, Ishod Wair, Eric Koston, P-Rod, man this list could go on but Stevie really set the bar for me with plaza skating


TVSC: Favourite video part?

Lloyd: That is a hell of a hard question, two parts that I would recommend everybody watch is Eric Koston in Menikmati and Rodrigo TX's part in the LRG video "Give Me My Money Chico"

TVSC: What are your thoughts on competitive skating? UK tour?

Lloyd: I love contests! Best way of meeting new people and a great way to push yourself. The thing is not everybody is Mr. Consistent and that is definitely me unless it comes to manuals, so I tend to put on some music that usually is Destiny's Child and then start skating. It makes things so much more enjoyable. I started dancing to Beyonce during the NASS northern qualifiers and I still managed to come 7th out of 34 so I'm so stoked! I think that I will be doing a lot more up and down the UK. I think I'm ready to do a few more contests but really I just want to shred the streets.

TVSC: Gotta love a bit of Beyonce! Who are your sponsors?

Lloyd: My current sponsors are Signature Clothing, DGK skateboards (I-five distribution), Melon Optics, Creative Skatestore up in Inverness scotland, Theeve trucks, Supertoxic Urethane, Osiris shoes and Grizzly Griptape!


TVSC: What does the future hold for you?

Lloyd: I have no idea whats coming, I'm just going to roll with it. I'm filming a video part at the moment so keep an eye out for that. Also going to barcelona again and maybe Germany....and the USA next year is on the cards!!


TVSC: Anything else you want to add?

Lloyd: Just want to say thanks so much for asking these questions. So so hyped! Sivyour, Mangham, Crispy, Adam and Jane, Smedley, Ian at TKC Dist, James and Chris up north north aha and Wes...thanks all so much, and big man and brother Adam Ahmed! Big love to you for the motivation!!


TVSC: Where can we check out your products/videos/stuff?
Lloyd: Lloyd McLeggon on youtube, my instagram is @LLOYDACRIS , my Twitter is "Jabba360flip". I also have a section on the Supertoxic video "We're Working On It" so go and get a copy!!!

Thanks Lloyd, been a pleasure.




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