The Vines Go Skateboarding Day 2023

The Vines Go Skateboarding Day 2023

Our jam for Go Skateboarding Day 2023 was bigger and better than ever. A huge crew descended on Tudor Grange skatepark and tore it up. The first ever TG 'Nipple Cripple' was a mad success and the mini ramp jam saw some heavy shit go down.

Unfortunately due to Covid our last Go Skateboarding events was way back in 2019, so this was a much appreciated chance to get Solihull, Birmingham, and other midlands skaters together for a session.

The Origins of Go Skateboarding Day

So, how did Go Skateboarding Day come to be? It all started back in 2004 when the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) had an idea—to create a special day dedicated entirely to the love and joy of skateboarding. They wanted to bring skaters together, promote the positive aspects of the sport, and showcase the freedom that comes from riding on four wheels.

Since its inception, Go Skateboarding Day has become an annual event that skaters eagerly look forward to. It's a day to celebrate the creativity, expression, and community that skateboarding fosters. Plus, it's an opportunity to raise awareness about the sport and encourage more people to pick up a skateboard and give it a try. Go Skateboarding Day is a chance to hit the street and skate with friends, old and new. Whether you're an older or just starting out, GSD is all about inclusivity and having a sick time on your board. It's a day where skaters of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels come together to share their love for the sport.

Go Skateboarding Day also provides an opportunity to explore new skate spots and get creative. From skate parks to city streets, the world becomes your playground. It's a chance to challenge yourself, try new tricks, and push your boundaries. Who knows, you might just land that elusive kickflip.

The beauty of Go Skateboarding Day is that anyone can participate, no matter where they are in the world. All you need is a skateboard, a bit of time, and a willingness to have fun. Grab your friends, form a crew, and hit the streets together. Organise skate jams, film your best tricks, and document the day to share the stoke with others.

Social media has played a massive role in the growth of Go Skateboarding Day. Share your experiences using the hashtag #GoSkateboardingDay and connect with fellow skaters from across the globe. Watch jaw-dropping clips, find inspiration in others' tricks, and join the worldwide conversation. GSD is not only about your local community—it's about being part of a global movement that celebrates the pure joy of skateboarding.

Go Skateboarding Day is a special occasion that unites skaters from all corners of the globe. It's a day to embrace the freedom and creativity that skateboarding brings. Whether you're at the park or in the streets, GSD is your chance to show the world what skateboarding means to you.

Mark your calendars for June 21st, grab your board, and hit the spot.

Peace & Love



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