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Learning to Skateboard
Skateboarding Lsssons with Skare Retreat Skateboarding Camps

Do you want to learn to skate, or are you already a skater thinking "how can I improve my skills"?

We often get asked about where's the best place to get skateboarding lessons and how to improve your skating. So we thought we'd write a little piece on some of the bets ways to learn to skate and how you can progress.

First things first, before getting out there and starting to roll you need to get yourself a legit quality board that fits your style and skill level. Don't cheap out on this one, even if it is tempting to hit up Argos for a £20 complete – a quality board will make a world of difference and allow you to progress much quicker. Check out your local skater owned skate shops near you to get some advice on the best board to get you going.

Once you're set up with a board its time to start practising 💪🏽 Here are some places and resources to level up your skate game and seek out some skateboarding lessons:

  1. Local Skate Parks 🛹

Hit up your local skate park to meet other skaters and learn from their experience and. Don't be shy – the skate community is usually pretty rad and in general are super welcoming to newcomers. More often than not they'll be stoked to share what they know and help you out.

  1. Skateboarding Schools and Camps 🏫

If you're looking for more structured lessons, check out skateboarding schools or camps in your area. They often have instructors who can teach you the fundamentals and help you progress. Camp Rubicon, Camp Hillcrest and The Skate Retreat are some of our favourite skate camps. Check out Creation Skatepark if you're local to us and want some indoor lesson action. If you're local to the midlands check out the homies over at Project 5 in cov

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The Skate Retreat

More Skateboarding Lessons Ideas...

  1. Online Skateboarding Tutorials 📹

The internet is defo your friend when it comes to improving your skating. Theres heaps of online tutorials and skateboarding channels on platforms like YouTube providing virtual skateboarding lessons. Check out channels like Braille Skateboarding, VLSkate, and Skateboarding Made Simple for some sick tricks and tips.

  1. Skateboarding Magazines and Books 📚

Grab some old-school skateboarding magazines or books – they're packed with valuable info, inspirational stories from pro skaters and often photo format skateboarding lessons. Thrasher, Skateboarders Companion, Grey Skate Mag, and Free Skate Mag are classic choices.

  1. Skateboarding Apps 📱

There are some cool apps out there that can help you track your progress, learn new tricks, and connect with the skateboarding community. Skater XL, True Skate, and Skateboard Party are worth checking out.

  1. Social Media and Skateboarding Forums 👥

Follow pro skaters and skateboarding pages on Instagram and other social media platforms for daily dose of stoke. Join online skateboarding forums like Reddit's r/skateboarding to discuss tricks, get advice, and share your own journey.

  1. Skateboard Maintenance Guides 🔧

Learning to take care of your board is crucial. Check out our skateboard maintenance guide to keep your setup in top-notch condition for the sesh.

  1. Skateboard Brands' Websites 🌐

Many skateboard brands have sick blogs and resources on their websites. They often feature team rider profiles, trick tips, and interesting skate stories. Logon to your favourite brands site now to see what they got

  1. Local Skate Shops 🏪

Pay a visit to your local skate shop! They'll have insider knowledge about the local skate scene and can recommend sick spots to skate.

  1. Skateboard Video Games 🎮

Believe it or not, skateboarding video games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series and Skate can actually help improve your real-life skills. Plus, they're good for when the British weather ent lining up with your plans.

Skateboarding Lessons In Summary

Remember, the key is to immerse yourself in skate culture, practice regularly, and never stop having fun.

Let's be real – you're gonna eat shit at some stage or another. Embrace the falls, and don't let 'em get in your head. Every seasoned skater has had their share of bails. Dust yourself off, laugh it off, and get back on your board. You got this 🙏🏽

Peace and Love

Paul ✌🏽


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