About Cash Only Skateboards

About Cash Only Skateboards

Founded by the masterminds behind Butter Goods, Australian legends Garth Mariano and Matt Evans, Cash Only has become an essential choice for enthusiasts of 90's skateboarding and hip-hop culture.

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Who are Cash Only?

Initially established as a distribution company, Cash Only has been crafting unique clothing and skateboard decks under the same distinctive name since 2018. While Butter Goods is renowned for its jazz and nature-themed designs, Cash Only sets itself apart by staying true to the old-school vibes, featuring iconic graphics that pay homage to the golden era of skateboarding and hip-hop.

In a short span of time, Cash Only has risen as one of the most talked about new skate brands in the industry. Their clothing and skateboard decks are infused with bold, hip-hop-inspired elements that resonate with fans. Embracing the 90s aesthetic, Cash Only proudly presents some of the baggiest jeans on the market, such as the popular Cash Only Aleka Cargo Jeans. These parachute jeans are guaranteed to enhance your treflips, giving them an extra phat flair.

Cash Only Videos

Cash Only have released a handful of videos over the past year, 3 being awesome digital graphic cartoons that look straight out of a PS1 game. Their videos are a breath of nostalgia and freshness amongst the tons of skate brands marketing with todays branding.

As well as cartoon skitches, they're skate videos are also well worth a watch. Filmed in 4:3, tape, grainy beautiful colours. Just like the good old days. Check 'em out.

Cash Only Team

The current Cash Only roster consists of:

Humidity and Butter Goods very own Philly Santosuosso

DC's Aleka Lang

And hailing from Portugal, Adilson Pedro

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