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Skate Shoes New Balance

The Newest Styles From New Balance Numeric

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Skate Shoes New Balance

When you're on the lookout for "new balance skate shoes UK," you're not just searching for a new pair of sneakers. You're on a quest for footwear that promises to elevate your skateboarding experience. New Balance Skate Shoes have emerged as a formidable contender in the skateboarding world, offering shoes that blend innovative design, unparalleled comfort, and the rugged durability required for the sport. Among their lineup, the New Balance skate shoes Jamie Foy and the iconic New Balance skate shoes 306 stand out, embodying the essence of skateboarding culture and performance.

Why Choose New Balance Skate Shoes?

The question on every skater's mind is, "Are New Balance skate shoes good?" The answer is a resounding yes. Designed with the needs of skaters in mind, New Balance skate shoes are engineered for performance. They provide the support, grip, and flexibility essential for mastering tricks and enduring long sessions at the skate park. Moreover, how New Balance skate shoes fit is a testament to the brand's commitment to comfort. They are crafted to snugly encase your feet, ensuring stability and protection against impacts.

New Balance Skate Shoes Jamie Foy Signature Model

Jamie Foy's collaboration with New Balance has resulted in the New Balance skate shoes 306, a model that has quickly become a favourite among skaters. Foy, known for his fearless style and technical prowess, has infused his signature shoe with the qualities skaters crave: durability, comfort, and a sleek design. The 306 model not only withstands the abrasive nature of skateboarding but also offers a level of comfort that allows skaters to push their limits. The shoe's design also features a vulcanised sole that provides exceptional grip and flexibility, allowing for precise movements and control. Plus, the aesthetic appeal of the NB 306 model ensures you look good both on and off the board.

New Balance Numeric 306

How Do New Balance Skate Shoes Fit?

New Balance skate shoes are renowned for their exceptional fit, catering to the diverse needs of skaters with a blend of comfort, support, and durability. These shoes are designed to snugly hug the foot, ensuring a secure and stable ride without sacrificing flexibility or movement. The brand's commitment to fit is evident in their range of sizes and widths, accommodating skaters with different foot shapes and sizes. This precise fit is crucial for performing intricate skate maneuvers, as it minimizes slippage inside the shoe and enhances board feel. Moreover, New Balance skate shoes often feature additional cushioning and supportive insoles, such as the Ortholite insole, providing not only a great fit but also essential impact protection and comfort for long sessions at the skate park

New Balance Skate Shoes Fit Guide

*We recommend sizing up half a size, as New Balance Numeric tend to run slightly on the small side

Paul Vale | 5th April 2024


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