Ride the Best: Top Skateboard Wheels Brands Reviewed

Skateboard Wheels Brands
Skateboard Wheels Brands

What skateboard wheels should I get?

When it comes to skateboarding, every element of your setup counts, and wheels are no exception. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of skateboard wheels to uncover the best skateboard wheels brands on the market. We’ll look at Spitfire, OJ, Bones, Sabbath, and Wayward, exploring their unique models, innovative tech, varied price points, and the teams that swear by them.

Skateboard Wheels Brands

Spitfire Wheels: The Industry's Gold Standard Spitfire leads the pack with its high-quality urethane formulas and diverse wheel range. The Formula Four line stands out for its unparalleled flat spot resistance and durability. Spitfire’s Classic series offers versatility, ideal for various terrains. Notable skaters like Andrew Reynolds and Guy Mariano skate these wheels, which vary in price, ensuring there's something for every skater's budget.

OJ Wheels: Smooth Rides and Unique Designs OJ Wheels are renowned for their smooth rides, thanks to the softer urethane used in their Hot Juice and Elite series. These wheels are perfect for cruising and transition skating. OJ’s team includes legends like Eric Dressen, adding credibility to their product line. Their pricing caters to a wide range of skaters, making quality accessible.

Bones Skateboard Wheels: Technological Mastery Bones Wheels are synonymous with technological innovation. Their STF (Street Tech Formula) series offers excellent slide capabilities without sacrificing grip, while the SPF (Skatepark Formula) wheels are tailored for skatepark surfaces. Bones' team, including Tony Hawk, demonstrates the wheels' high performance. Bones Wheels are one of the bets and most loved skateboard wheels brands out there and come at various price points, catering to serious skaters who prioritise quality.

Sabbath Wheels: The New Contenders Sabbath may be newer to the scene, but their wheels have quickly gained a reputation for quality and performance. With unique designs and a focus on durability, Sabbath is making waves in the skating community. Their team of up-and-coming skaters showcases the brand's commitment to the next generation of talent. Sabbath Wheels offers competitive pricing, appealing to skaters who are looking for high-quality wheels without breaking the bank.

Wayward Wheels: Precision and Performance Wayward Wheels are known for their precise engineering and performance. Offering a range of sizes and hardness levels, they cater to various skating styles. Skaters like Lucas Puig stand by Wayward for their consistency and longevity. The brand's pricing reflects its premium quality, targeting skaters who are willing to invest in top-tier equipment.

What Skateboard Wheels?

Choosing the right skateboard wheels can significantly impact your skating experience. Whether you prioritize durability, smooth rides, or technological advancements, brands like Spitfire, OJ, Bones, Sabbath, and Wayward have got you covered. Each brand brings something unique to the table, catering to the diverse needs of the skating community. Remember, the best wheel for you depends on your personal skating style and preferences. Visit our online skate shop to explore these top brands and find the perfect wheels for your next ride.

Paul Vale | 12th February 2024


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