Lakai Skate Shoes | Available at The Vines Solihull

Lakai Skate Shoes | Available at The Vines Solihull

Lakai skate footwear was founded in 1999 by professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard. Lakai came into existence after the two skaters left DC Shoes and had created Girl Skateboards, one of the most respected names in the skate world. The name came from Mike Carroll as Lakai is an abbreviation of Malakai, his favourite character in the horror film "Children of the Corn". Eric Koston signed with Lakai shoes on the 1st May 2006 after he left éS footwear. The Lakai team now includes well known skateboarders like Tony Hawk, Cairo Foster, Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson and Vincent Alvarez. The team have put out several full length skate films under the 'Flare' range including Beware of the Flare, Fully Flared and Final Flare.

Lakai Skate Shoes | The Vines Skate Shop

Based in the small town of Torrance, California, Lakai create skate shoes designed for skateboarding and are a tried and tested go-to shoe of skaters all over the world. Lakai is built on the dedication and pride they have always invested into their skateboarding and is now part of the wider Crailtap family, which includes huge skate brands like Chocolate Skateboards,Girl Skateboards,Royal Trucks, Four Star Clothing, Ruby Republic and Skate Mental. Simply stated, Lakai Limited Footwear are “The Shoes We Skate” and we wouldn't have it any other way. Check our latest range of Lakai skate footwear here now...


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