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We're absolutely hyped to announce the latest brand addition here at The Vines. Introducing DIME MTL.

Coming in mid-October 2023, we'll be stocking a sick collection of Dime tees, hoodies, crews, beanies, caps and wallets.

In this blog post, we're going to give you the lowdown on Dime and go briefly into their history, team riders, iconic videos, events, and all the rad details that make DIME MTL more than just a skate brand. So strap in and let's take a ride through the world of DIME MTL...

A Brief History of DIME MTL

DIME MTL, born and raised in the vibrant streets of Montreal, is a skateboarding brand that's all about keeping it real. Founded in 2005 by Antoine Asselin and Phil Lavoie, DIME quickly gained a reputation for its genuine love for the sport and its unique blend of humour and creativity. Unlike some skate brands that focus solely on the hardcore aspects of skating, DIME MTL takes a lighter, more playful approach, inviting everyone to the party. They have a subtle, high quality aesthetic and this runs through every item they make.

The brand started with humble beginnings, producing a limited run of skate videos that showcased the talent and personality of Montreal's thriving skate scene. These early videos helped establish DIME's identity as a brand that understood the soul of skateboarding – it's not just about tricks and flips; it's about the fun, camaraderie, and freedom that skating brings.

The Dime MTL Team Riders

What's a skate brand without a solid crew of talented riders? DIME MTL boasts an impressive team of skateboarders who embody the spirit of the brand. From local legends to international pros, this crew knows how to shred with style.

Other prominent members of the DIME MTL family include Jake Johnson, Alexis Lacroix, and Jamal Smith, among others. Each rider brings their own flavour to the mix, contributing to the brand's diverse and exciting lineup.

Iconic Dime MTL Videos

If you're a true skateboarding enthusiast, you've probably seen some of DIME MTL's iconic videos. They're not your typical skate flicks; they're a wild ride through the world of skateboarding, sprinkled with humor, absurdity, and unforgettable moments.

"Dime Video" (2015) marked a turning point for the brand, showcasing the crew's incredible talent while injecting a healthy dose of comedy into the mix. From epic skate sessions to bizarre skits and absurd challenges, this video set a new standard for what skateboarding content could be.

In 2017, DIME MTL dropped "Knowing Mixtape," another masterpiece that blended top-notch skateboarding with absurd humor. With cameos from skate legends like Andrew Reynolds and John Shanahan, this video solidified DIME's position in the skate world.

But perhaps the most infamous video in DIME MTL's catalog is "Dime Glory Challenge." This annual event-cum-skateboarding competition takes place in Montreal, and the videos that document it are nothing short of legendary. Wild obstacle courses, outrageous costumes, and jaw-dropping tricks make these videos a must-watch for any skate fan.

Dime Glory Challenge: A One-of-a-Kind Event

Speaking of the DIME Glory Challenge, this event is a shining example of how DIME MTL brings the skate community together. Held annually, this competition is not your typical skate contest. Instead, it's a wild and unpredictable spectacle that blends skating with absurdity, humour, and a dash of chaos.Imagine a race where skaters have to navigate bizarre obstacles, from flaming picnic tables to giant beach balls, all while dressed in ridiculous costumes. The DIME Glory Challenge turns skateboarding into a theatrical performance, and it's become a must-attend event for pros and fans alike.

The Dime Glory Challenge 2022

In addition to the Challenge, DIME MTL has organised various other events that celebrate skateboarding's vibrant culture. From skate jams to art shows and pop-up shops, DIME knows how to throw a party that brings the skate community closer together.

Dime MTL: A Brand for Skaters, by Skaters

What sets Dime MTL apart from other skate brands is its authenticity. They don't just make skateboarding products; they live and breathe the sport. Whether it's their iconic videos, the wild Glory Challenge, or the diverse team of riders, everything about Dime reflects the passion and love that the founders and the entire crew have for skateboarding.

Dime MTL Jeans

Dime make a sick range of baggy jeans in a variety of colours. Check them out in the webstore now. In a world where some skate brands take themselves too seriously, Dime MTL stands out as a brand that embraces the fun and camaraderie that makes skateboarding truly special. They've managed to strike a perfect balance between skilful shredding and a good laugh, making skateboarding accessible to all.

So, if you're looking for a skate brand that embodies the heart and soul of skateboarding, Dime MTL skateboards is the answer. Whether you're a die-hard skater or just someone who appreciates the art and culture of skating, DIME's unique blend of talent, humour, and creativity is sure to make you a fan. So get on board and join the DIME MTL party at The Vines.

Paul Vale | 27th October 2023


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