HUF 20 Years Collection | 2002 - 2022 And Still King

HUF 20 Years Collection | 2002 - 2022 And Still King

2022 marks 20 years of skate and streetwear kings HUF. It’s crazy to think it’s already been two decades since Keith Hufnagel opened the first HUF boutique in San Francisco. By bringing together the most respected skate, streetwear, and footwear brands in one space, the idea of HUF was born. And who would have thought that twenty years later, the HUF community would grow into the globally known and sought-after brand that it is today.

For the global HUF family, this 20-year anniversary is understandably bittersweet. The untimely death of founder Keith Hufnagel makes this year’s anniversary hit different than the rest. The latest Spring Collection is a celebration of the brand’s past, and a tribute to Keith and the legacy that he left behind. His legacy will continue to live on at HUF. Today, tomorrow and forever.

Addressing the brand as HUF Worldwide recognizes the international reach and far-flung travels of not only HUF and its founder Keith Hufnagel, but also skateboarding lifestyle in general. HUF looks to represent the international skate scene through a wide, but inclusive variety of cultures, ideas, designs, competitions and collaborations. Not only that, but with multiple stores on two continents, HUF is literally worldwide.

Skateboarding is the most integral part of HUF’s brand DNA. Founder Keith Hufnagel has been skating his entire life, first in New York City in the ‘80s, and later professionally upon moving to San Francisco in 1992. The clothes, sneakers, and accessories HUF makes are built to withstand the rigors of a full day of skateboarding, but they’re also somewhat understated, giving HUF a non-chalant, cool vibe that’s within the ethos of skate culture. HUF puts its own work to the test too, running a 16-person skateboarding team that tours and competes all over the globe.



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