Bronze 56K Spring 2022 | New Collection Now Available

Bronze 56K Spring 2022 | New Collection Now Available

Launched in New York City by Peter Sidlauskas and Pat Murray, Bronze 56k originally began in hardware, producing skateboard bolts, soon giving way to clothing as the brand quickly gained notoriety through lo-fi skate edits, featuring Windows 95 references and sales training videos. By referencing the iconography of the first wave of the internet with endless pop-up boxes, dial-up modems and bitmap graphics, Bronze brought the internet circa 1995 to the forefront of their design style, putting retro-futurism at its core.

Bronze is part of the new wave of refreshing skate brands, alongside Palace, Dime and Alltimers, born from local crews with a heavy DIY attitude. Starting out making homie videos of the crew, then scraping together some T-shirt's, learning the ropes, building the blocks and organically growing the brand through demand and respect, they continue pushing their original style and representing modern skateboarding.

To see our latest Bronze Collection, click HERE. It features a T shirt with care-bear influence if you're feeling caring, as well as some staple Bronze graphics.


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