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Hockey x Independent Collaboration

Hockey x Independent Trucks

Dive into the fresh drop from Hockey x Independent as these two iconic skate legends link up for a banging collection that's all about tees, ski-mask beanies, and more.

One of our most anticipated collabs of the year, two big guns of the skate world, Hockey and Independent, have thrown down together to whip up a sick lineup of garms. This one ent for the light-hearted. The Hockey x Independent mash-up is chucking out a stash of tees, beanies and a new take on wax thats guaranteed to get heads turning with their audacious designs. This is as legit as it gets.

Hockey X Independent Tees

First up, an instant winner of a tee from the Hockey x Independent collab – the 'Decal' tee. This bad boy fuses the logos from both brands into one mega design that screams attitude and is sharp as a tack.

Rocking a smooth light blue colour with a punchy red & white 'Decal' graphic, this 'Hockey Decal' tee is a straightforward yet bang on addition that really sets the vibe for the whole collection.

Additionally, we’ve snagged the sick ‘self-titled’ Hockey X Independent Tee in both black and white. Featuring a rad burning man graphic on the timeless Independent carved span logo, this is a perfect blend of both brands immediately recognisable aesthetics.

Hockey X Independent Beanies

Wrapping things up, but not dialling it down, the collection throws in a must-cop beanie that is next level G moves.

For those keen on standing out, the Hockey x Independent 'Hockski Mask' Beanie has got your back with its wicked 2-in-1 setup.

At a glance, with the cuff snug, the 'Hockski Mask' Beanie might pass off as your typical beanie. But, flip the script by rolling down the cuff, and bam – you've got yourself a ski mask complete with a sick embroidered Hockey mask design. Ideal for staying toasty, pulling off a heist, or just flexing that street edge.

Hockey x Independent Wax

The Hockey x Independent Puck The Rest Wax is the fattiest chunk of wax we ever seen. Shaped like an ice-hockey puck, if the spots iced over, grab your ice skates and get the game on!


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