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Helas Spring 2024 Collection

Helas UK

Rolling out with a fresh lineup of killer styles, the latest collection from Helas is a treasure trove for every wardrobe, featuring everything from a new T-shirt inspired by Camel Cigarettes to stripy long sleeves, classic caps, and some cutting-edge sweatpants. As expected from any Helas drop, each piece boasts top-notch quality with that premium European je ne sais quoi we've all come to expect from the brand brought to you by skate legend Lucas Puig.

Helas T-Shirts

Leading the pack in this collection is the Helas 'Ciggy' T-shirt, a nod to the iconic Joe Camel. This piece cleverly reworks the familiar Camel Cigarettes vibe, showcasing Old Joe donning a slick Helas cap and chonging a quick blem, all set against a backdrop of umbrellas, capturing that retro Camel charm we can’t help but love.

And for those on the path to quitting smoking, the collection brings you the Helas 'Horizon' Long Sleeve T-shirt. It features a classic stripy pattern for a look that’s both sophisticated and refreshingly non-addictive.

Helas Sweatpants

True to form, Helas's Spring '24 ensemble introduces some innovative sweatpants that scream urban sportswear chic.

The Helas 'Raid' sweatpants appear in a sharp black with vibrant green bands around the legs for that extra pop of style. Functionality isn’t sacrificed for form, though; these sweatpants boast handy zipped pockets both front and back, ensuring your essentials stay secure whether you're on the board or on the move. Plus, the embroidered umbrella logo adds a subtle touch of Helas branding.


Helas Caps Spring 2024 Collection


Helas Caps

No Helas collection would be complete without a fresh batch of caps, and this season's offerings are in the usual elite levels. Both new additions, the 'Discovery' and 'Sahara' Caps, stick to the beloved 6-panel build and come with an adjustable strapback closure, finished with an embossed umbrella on the buckle for that signature Helas touch.

The Helas 'Discovery' Cap draws inspiration from the sweeping beauty of sand dunes, while the Helas 'Sahara' Cap brings a camel motif into play, both featuring exquisite embroidered details that tie back to an Arabic aesthetic.

This Spring '24 drop from Helas is all about blending style with substance, offering up a range of pieces that are sure to become staples in any skater's collection.


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