WKND Skateboards | Who Are They And Are They Good?

WKND Skateboard Decks
WKND Skateboards


WKND Skate Decks

Dropping in with the Spring 2024 collection, WKND skate decks are here to shake things up. Designed for versatility and resilience, these decks cater to every skater's needs. The graphics stand out as true pieces of art, ready for both street grinding and casual cruising. WKND are not only durable but also boast an aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from the crowd.

Are WKND Skateboards Good?

"Good" barely scratches the surface when describing WKND Skateboards. These boards deliver on quality, performance, and style, making them a top choice for skaters seeking a reliable, impressive ride. Crafted to endure the toughest skate conditions, WKND decks are a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence.

WKND Skateboards Review

Focusing on the Spring 2024 collection, the standout features are clear: unmatched quality, superior performance, and eye-catching designs. WKND Skateboards ensures each deck offers a smooth ride and lasting durability. The creativity infused into the designs highlights the brand's commitment to blending functionality with unique aesthetics.

WKND Skateboards Review

WKND Skate Team

The WKND skate team embodies the essence of skateboarding, blending incredible talent with a familial vibe that's hard to come by. This group isn't just about tricks and flips; their camaraderie and passion for skateboarding shine through in every move. With a mix of humor, skill, and love for the board, they define what WKND Skateboards is all about.

The heart and soul of WKND Skateboards pulsate through its diverse and talented skate team. This isn't just a group of individuals who skate; they're storytellers, trendsetters, and pioneers in their own right, each bringing a unique flavour to the brand.

  • Johan Stuckey , a founding member, is known for his creative approach to skateboarding, seamlessly blending technical skill with a playful style. His parts in WKND videos often leave fans both impressed and amused, showcasing his ability to make skateboarding look effortlessly fun.

  • Grant Yansura, not just the brand's owner but also an active team member, infuses WKND with his creative vision both on and off the board. His filmmaking skills have been crucial in shaping the brand's aesthetic and storytelling in skate videos.

  • Tom Karangelova California native, has made a significant mark on the skateboarding scene with his smooth, creative street skating. His journey from independent skate films to becoming a key figure in New Balance Numeric showcases his deep connection to skate culture and its history. Known for blending classic moves with modern style, Tom's contributions go beyond skateboarding; his passion for photography and film highlights his artistic side, enriching his skateboarding persona. As a member of the New Balance Numeric team, Tom has helped shape the brand's identity, embodying the spirit of innovation and respect for skateboarding's roots.
  • Alex Schmidt has carved a unique path in the skateboarding world with his unmistakable style and innovative approach to street skating. Known for his technical prowess and creative spot selection, Schmidt's video parts often blend traditional skateboarding elements with a modern twist, showcasing his ability to reinterpret the urban landscape through skateboarding. Beyond his skating, Alex has a keen eye for skate culture and aesthetics, contributing to the community not just through his skateboarding but also through his creative projects and collaborations with skate brands. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of skateboarding, along with his contributions off the board, marks him as a pivotal figure in evolving the sport and its culture. Alex Schmidt represents a blend of athleticism, creativity, and a deep connection to the roots and ongoing narrative of skateboarding.

  • Sarah Meurlehailing from Sweden, known not only for her impressive skills on the board but also for her artistic and creative endeavours. Meurle's approach to skateboarding is both graceful and powerful, showcasing a finesse that has earned her recognition and respect within the skate community. As a multi-talented individual, Sarah extends her passion beyond skateboarding into photography and art, where she captures the essence of skate culture and the broader world around her with a distinctive perspective. Her contributions to skateboarding are multifaceted; she's not just a professional skater but also a vocal advocate for gender equality within the sport, inspiring a new generation of female skaters to pursue their passions. Through her involvement in various projects and collaborations, Sarah Meurle exemplifies the spirit of creativity and resilience, making her a true ambassador of skateboarding's diverse and inclusive future.

  • Karsten Kleppan is known for his relentless energy and ability to tackle any terrain. His adventurous spirit and knack for landing tricks in the most challenging spots make him a vital part of the WKND Skateboards essence.

Together, these skaters and the rest of the WKND team embody the brand's ethos. Through their distinct styles and personalities, they contribute to WKND's reputation as a brand that values individuality, creativity, and the pure joy of skateboarding.

WKND Skateboards Team

WKND Skateboards Spring 2024

The WKND Skateboards Spring 2024 collection is a testament to skateboarding's evolving landscape, offering something truly special for the community. With decks that meet the highest standards of quality and design, WKND reaffirms its status as a brand that understands and celebrates the skateboarding lifestyle. If you're looking to elevate your skateboarding experience or simply want to support a brand with heart, look no further than WKND.


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