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Independent Trucks History

Independent Trucks Company

At the heart of skate culture, Independent Trucks stands as a towering figure, having continuously set the bar for innovation and quality in skateboard truck manufacturing. Esteemed for their pioneering designs, Independent has captivated the loyalty of skateboarders worldwide, many of whom are steadfast in their commitment to the brand's offerings from specific golden eras.


The Skateboard Truck Rivalry

The 1970s marked a pivotal era in skateboarding, revolutionized by the introduction of urethane wheels by Frank Nasworthy. This advancement spurred a competitive surge among manufacturers, all aspiring to craft the ultimate skate trucks. Independent Trucks emerged as a frontrunner, consistently pushing the boundaries of what skaters could expect from their gear.


The Stages of Evolution: Independent Truck Stages

Over the years, Independent Trucks has introduced various stages of truck designs, each marked by Roman numerals and symbolizing leaps in innovation:

  • Stage I (1978) introduced robust aluminium alloy trucks in two sizes, setting a new standard for durability and performance.
  • Stage II (1979) expanded the range with extra wide sizes, enhancing stability and speed, a direct response to the skater's need for more versatile trucks.
  • Stage III to Stage V saw incremental improvements, focusing on reinforcement and the introduction of anodised colours, reflecting the brand's commitment to both function and style.
  • Stage VI and beyond continued this evolution, with each iteration introducing something new, from reduced metal in the hanger for lighter weight to adjustments in the baseplate design for increased durability and performance.
  • Stage XI (2012) The company returned to the popular designs of stages V to VII. Consequently, the kingpin angles, the pivot and the truck's height of 55 millimetres were reintroduced.



The People Behind Independent Trucks

The visionaries behind Indy Trucks, including co-founders Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Fausto Vitello, were instrumental in steering the brand towards its legendary status. Their dedication to quality and performance has been echoed by every team member over the years, contributing to the brand's enduring legacy.


Riding with Legends: Team Riders and Ambassadors

Independent Trucks has been represented by some of the most influential skaters over the decades. Legends like Steve Alba, Tommy Guerrero, and Mark Gonzalez have not only endorsed Independent trucks but have also contributed to their design, ensuring they meet the high standards of professional skaters. The brand's commitment to the community is evident in its support for emerging talent and icons alike, fostering a family of riders that spans generations.


Collaborative Effort: Notable Partnerships

Independent Trucks has embarked on numerous collaborations that blend style, culture, and performance. A standout partnership is the Hockey x Independent collab from 2024, a fusion of Independent's rugged, reliable trucks with Hockey's edgy aesthetic and design ethos. This collaboration represents a meeting of minds and cultures, offering skaters not just hardware, but a piece of skateboarding heritage.


Independent Trucks Logo

The Independent logo, a symbol of rebellion and authenticity in skate culture, has evolved while retaining its core identity. The 2021 update preserved the brand's legacy, modernising its visual appeal without losing the essence that has made it a staple on skateboards around the world.


Independent Trucks Logo


Independent Trucks UK

Independent's influence isn't confined to any one region; it's a global phenomenon. In the UK, the brand is revered, with its trucks grinding rails and pavements from London to Glasgow. The universal appeal of Indy Trucks underscores its role not just as a manufacturer but as an integral part of skate culture worldwide.


Looking Ahead: The Future Rolls On

As Independent Trucks moves forward, the brand remains committed to innovation, quality, and the skateboarding community. With each new stage of trucks, collaboration, and team rider that joins the family, Independent continues to solidify its place in skateboarding history.


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