Why You Should Be Shopping At Your Local Skater Owned Store

Why You Should Be Shopping At Your Local Skater Owned Store

7 Skate shops have closed in the last 12 months. 7 Skater, owned, independent core fuckin skate shops. Everywhere I look on insta there’s SOS owners talking about how tough the last years been and how they need peoples support.

If you’re a skater, then think long and hard about where you shop. Think about that fiver your gonna save on a deck by shopping with the big online store. What does that five pound you’ve saved really mean?

Cuz if you buy from your local, then that shits the skate shop tax. The skate shop tax covers the cost of all them times u lurk for hours reading the free mags to stay out the cold and rain. That skate shop tax covers the times when you’ve had your grip tape replaced for free, or when you’ve had your new bearings put in, for free! When you’ve sat a talked shit about where the best local spots are or what old films you should be watching. When you’ve asked to get them new wheels brought in from a distro. When you’ve put a new deck on tick cuz you’re flat broke til pay day.

If you don’t think all that’s worth that extra fiver then fuck off and carry on shopping @route_one cuz I swear down the kite-flying ball juggling waste man that owns that shit don’t give a flying fuck if there’s an event on down at your local this summer.

The Vines | Notorious BIG Quote

When I opened The Vines I had this Biggie quote printed to remind me of the reasons I started. To remind me why we do this, day in day out, and keep grindin against the odds.

If you’re lucky enough to have a local skater owned store then please use it. If you don’t have a local, all of these fine SOS establishments will deliver and will show you back the love you show them:

























“Stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it, and live the phrase ‘Skys the Limit’, mother fuckers”


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