Who are Stance Socks & Why do we like them so much?

Andrew Reynolds Stance Socks Vans Shoes

Stance are a sock company from the States, who stand out as a top tier garment for your toes. they don't need to sit behind marketing, you can really feel the comfortability and quality of the sock. They wash up well, have very little shrinkage, and look great. They also help if your feet stink after a day out. The stance logo points inwards, indicating which sock is Left & Right, if you were wondering.

As well as the making and feel of the socks, they always have collaborations with... everyone! They were named the official sock of the NBA and MLB & skaters love 'em too. My personal favourite was the Andrew Reynolds pro sock, but they also sponsor Chris Cole, Neen Williams and a few other skaters.

Here's some of the people they've teamed up with recently:

  • Star Wars
  • Barcelona FC
  • Gangstarr
  • Bob Marley
  • Space Jam

They're constantly doing cool collabs, but be warned they're addictive after your first pair. So throw away the 5 pack socks your Mom got you from Tesco and check out the Stance we've got in stock HERE


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