Who are Butter Goods?

Butter Goods Logo

Butter Goods is up there with our best selling brands. Skateboarding aside, their clothing is renowned for being high quality to the touch with refreshing graphic design.

This has prompted the youngers and unfamiliars to ask... Who are Butter Goods?

Butter Goods is a skater owned brand from Perth in Western Australia founded in 2008. Since then, they've moulded a 90's inspired brand that's loved worldwide, taking a lot of obvious influence from Jazz, Hip Hop and old skate videos.

They never have a bang average piece in their collections... it's always banging.

They got a great skate team too...

Team riders include:

Casey Foley, Morgan Campbell, Philly Santosuosso, Taylor Nawrocki, Alex Schmidt and Ben Gore.

See them in action in their most recent video, showing credit to late Jazz legend Charles Mingus by skating to his beat.

If you are a skateboarder and you're a fan of their graphic design, their videos won't disappoint, and vice-versa. If you get some time, check the team riders out individually. Very well filmed creative skateboarding all around the roster.

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