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Essential Skateboard Clothing: The 6 Must-Have Pieces for Every Skater


With bare different types of skateboarding clothing and accessories out there, pinpointing the essentials can be a bit of a maze. Here's a rundown of the must-have items for your skate wardrobe – garms and other bits that are as crucial as your deck when it comes to gettin the most from your skate session.

1. Skateboard Hoodie: Your Go-To Layer

Every skater needs a trusty skateboard hoodie. It's the ultimate blend of practicality and swag, perfect for layin down nollie heels or just chillin with the homies. Crafted from tough stuff like cotton or polyester, these hoodies are built to withstand bails and wipeouts. They usually come with reinforced seams and some extra padding – a bit of armour for your street battles. Plus, they're a sick way to flaunt your style and rep your favourite skate brands. Whether you're hitting the park or kicking back, a dope skateboard hoodie can be your best mate.

2. Skateboard T-Shirt: Make a Statement

The skateboard t-shirt: it's the bread and butter of skate apparel. Made from materials that let your skin breathe, like cotton or polyester, these tees are all about comfort and cool. The graphics? They're your chance to shout out your style, whether it's loud and proud or low-key and logo-centric. There's a tee out there for every vibe, so pick one that screams 'you'.

3. Skateboard Long Sleeve: Layer Up, Look Sharp

When the chill kicks in or you need an extra shield against grazes, a skateboard long sleeve is your secret weapon. Durable, with a bit of extra padding for those 'oh sh*t' moments, these tops are about more than just keeping you warm. They're a style flex, adding some variety to your skate get-up. Throw one on and level up your look.

4. Skateboard Sweatshirt: Comfort Meets Cool

A skateboard sweatshirt is a no-brainer for any skater's closet. Tough, cosy, and designed for the grind, these sweatshirts come in various styles, from classic crewnecks to oversized fits. They're about staying snug and stylish, whether you're nailing tricks or just cruising around. Find one that fits your vibe and own it.

5. Skateboard Jacket: Weather Any Storm

For those days when the weather's as unpredictable as a game of S.K.A.T.E., a skateboard jacket is your ace. Whether it's a breezy windbreaker or a beefy parka, these jackets are made to keep the elements at bay. They're tough, with reinforced seams and padding to cushion those unexpected spills. Choose one that suits your needs – and look sharp while you're at it.

6. Skate Shoes: The Soul of Your Skate Game

Let's talk skate shoes – the unsung heroes of your skate attire. These bad boys are the foundation of every trick you land. Built for grip, durability, and ankle support, skate shoes are about performance as much as style. Whether you're into chunky soles for that extra cushioning or sleek profiles for feel and control, the right pair of skate shoes can amp up your game. They're the connection between you and your board, so choose wisely and skate hard.


Getting kitted out in the right skate garms is key to nailing those sessions. From the hoodie that's got your back to the shoes that keep you locked to your deck, quality skate clothing is a game-changer. It's not just about the ride; it's about your personal style and backing the brands you love. Mix it up, find your look, and hit the streets with confidence.


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