The Vines Interview Series - Rob Whiston & Sabbath Wheels

Robert Whiston Skateboard Photographer & Sabbath Owner


The Vines Interview Series - Rob Whiston & Sabbath Wheels

Our second interview in the series saw Paul catch up with local big time boss player Rob Whiston. You'll know Rob from his rad photos in Skateboarders Companion, and most recently being head honcho big cheese at sick new UK skate wheels brand 'Sabbath'. We talk all things Sabbath Wheels, the scene at large and whats in store for the future!

Paul: Easy Roberto. Good to speak with you again. How and why did Sabbath Wheels get started?

Rob: I had been doing some work for a UK wheel brand, which in my opinion wasn’t making the right moves in terms of product development, quality control and their art direction. It was getting to be that they had been successful, with doing very little. The UK skate scene deserves better and Sabbath is that.

Paul: So who currently works in the business?

Rob: It’s a one man band, with help from OG Dist handling the b2b and out sourcing some of the art/design work - I feel it’s important to use artists in skateboarding. It’s like reinvesting into our community. Lewis Davies has done loads of great work for Sabbath.

Paul: What would you say is Sabbath’s USP?

Rob: Sabbath is a premium wheel brand based in the UK. To my knowledge, that’s never been done before. I’m always looking to improve on what Sabbath does. I’ve just released a special ultra hard urethane formula and I’m currently testing out samples of a new improved 99a ATU formula. I’m not happy with ‘ok’ or ‘good’. I want the wheels Sabbath produces to be great! Stick with us, we’re going to keep improving and doing stuff for the skate scene.

Paul: The team roster is so sick already. How do you support them and the wider skate community?

Rob: Loads of rad people! The whole team is sick and I’m proud to have them all a part of Sabbath. To support the scene I started an event called ‘Black Mass’ with OG Dist. We partnered with Heathen, Vans and Slap ramps too. The first two have been carnage! Our third one will hopefully be near the end of summer, up north possibly.


Rob Whiston and new Sabbath Bearings Team Rider James Woodley

Rob, here with his brother from anther mother James Woodley


Paul: Sounds sick! So, its been a madness since Sabbath started out. Whats the next steps?

Rob: More wheels, improved urethane, more coverage, more events, a video and maybe new riders.

Paul: What do you see for the future of Sabbath Wheels?

Rob: Hopefully further grow the brand, and expand into more European countries.

Paul: And what do you see for the future of the skate industry in the UK and around the world in general?

Rob: Skinny jeans making a comeback. What would Polar do if that happened? Ha 😂

Paul: Ha Polar Skinny Boys all around! Where can can everyone check out Sabbath products?

Rob: Go into you’re local shop and you’ll find them there x Safe

Paul: Nice one Rob, appreciate the time.


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