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Vans Skate Shoes: The Intersection of Innovation and Style at The Vines Supply Co

In the realm of skateboarding, few brands command as much respect and admiration as Vans. The Vines Supply Co is thrilled to offer an exclusive selection of Vans Skate shoes, renowned for their fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless style. Our collection includes iconic models like the Half Cabs, Sk8-Hi's, Zion Wright's Zahba model, the Rowan, and Geoff Rowley XLT, all backed by our best price guarantee and free next-day delivery.


Vans Skate Shoes


1. Half Cabs: The Legend Continues The Vans Half Cab, a staple in skateboarding footwear, has been a top choice for skaters since its inception in the early '90s. Designed in collaboration with skate legend Steve Caballero, the Half Cab has evolved over the years, incorporating new technologies while maintaining its classic aesthetic. The updated design features enhanced cushioning and a reinforced toe cap for greater durability, making it a perfect blend of function and fashion. At The Vines Supply Co, the Half Cab stands as a testament to Vans' commitment to quality and skateboarding heritage.


2. Sk8-Hi's: A Timeless Classic The Vans Sk8-Hi's are more than just shoes; they're an icon in skate culture. Known for their high-top design, these shoes offer superior ankle support, crucial for skaters. The Sk8-Hi's are equipped with padded collars and the signature waffle outsole for excellent grip and board feel. Available at The Vines Supply Co, these shoes are a must-have for skaters who value style and functionality.


3. Zion Wright's Zahba Model: A New Era of Skate Shoes Zion Wright, one of the most exciting talents in skateboarding, has partnered with Vans to create the Zahba model. Reflecting Wright's dynamic and fearless style, these shoes are engineered for performance. They feature Vans' UltraCush technology for optimal impact cushioning and a DURACAP upper reinforcement for unparalleled durability. The Zahba model, exclusive to core skate shops like The Vines Supply Co, represents the evolution of skate shoes.


4. The Vans Rowan: A Modern Classic The Rowan, designed with pro skater Rowan Zorilla, combines a classic aesthetic with modern skate shoe technology. Its sleek design belies its robust build, with a strong focus on grip and flexibility. The shoe's WaffleCup construction offers the support of a cupsole without sacrificing the board feel of a traditional vulcanised shoe. The Rowan is a testament to Vans' ability to innovate while staying true to its roots, available at The Vines Supply Co.


5. Geoff Rowley XLT: Engineered for Excellence The Geoff Rowley XLT is the result of a collaboration between Vans and legendary skater Geoff Rowley. Known for his fearless approach and technical prowess, Rowley's input has been instrumental in designing a shoe that meets the demands of high-impact skating. The XLT features a co-moulded outsole for increased durability and a Polyurethane-based UltraCush HD sockliner for the highest level of impact cushioning. Available exclusively at core skate shops like The Vines Supply Co, the Geoff Rowley XLT is a favourite among serious skaters.


6. The Vans Old Skool skate shoes: A timeless classic. In the skateboarding community, few  shoes epitomize the fusion of style and functionality like an Old Skool. Launched in 1977, these Vans sneakers quickly became a staple for skaters, thanks to their durable construction and superior grip. Featuring the iconic sidestripe, a symbol of skate culture, Vans Old Skools are not just shoes but a statement of rebellious spirit and artistic expression. Their low-top lace-up silhouette, combined with sturdy canvas and suede uppers, ensures both flexibility and support, making them perfect for intricate skate manoeuvres. The padded collars offer added comfort and protection, while the signature rubber waffle outsoles provide the traction and durability essential for skateboarding. Over the years, Old Skools have transcended their skateboarding roots to become a fashion favourite, available in a vast array of colours and designs, appealing to a broad audience. They embody the rich heritage of Vans and continue to influence skate and street style globally.


7. The Vines Supply Co: Where Skate Meets Style At The Vines Supply Co, we understand the importance of quality skate shoes, which is why we are proud to offer these exclusive Vans Skate ranges. Our commitment to providing the best price guarantee and free next-day delivery options ensures that our customers not only get the best products but also the best service. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, our collection of Vans Skate shoes caters to all levels of skateboarding enthusiasts.



Vans Skate shoes have always been synonymous with skateboarding culture, and The Vines Supply Co is your go-to destination for these iconic shoes. Our exclusive range of Vans Skate shoes, including the Half Cabs, Sk8-Hi's, Zion Wright's Zahba model, the Rowan, and Geoff Rowley XLT, are designed to meet the needs of modern skaters. With our best price guarantee and free next-day delivery, The Vines Supply Co is not just a shop; it's a haven for skaters who demand the best in footwear. Visit us today and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance that only Vans Skate shoes can offer.


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