Skateboard Bearings | How to Choose The Right Skate Bearings For You

Skateboard Bearings

Choosing skateboard bearings can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many different brands and types available. Here are a few things that we think you consider when choosing bearings:

  1. ABEC Rating: The ABEC rating is a measurement of the precision of the bearing. The higher the rating, the more precise the bearing will be. However, keep in mind that the ABEC rating system was developed for industrial use and doesn't necessarily apply to skateboard bearings. Most skateboarders prefer bearings with an ABEC rating of 5 or higher. Most skate-specific brands wont have an ABEC rating on their product as they are a far higher rating than the ABEC system measures.

  2. Skate Bearing Speed: When searching for the fastest skateboard bearings, the material and construction play crucial roles. Bearings designed for high-speed performance often feature ceramic balls, which reduce friction and withstand heat better than steel. This allows for a smoother and faster ride, especially when paired with precision-engineered races and retainers. Skaters looking for speed should consider bearings specifically labeled for high performance, as these are optimized for quick and fluid motion, often used in racing and professional street skating. As a beginner (or even someone whose been skating for a while), there will be no need for sometting as fast as a ceramic bearing, itd be a super unnecessary expense.

  3. Skateboard Bearings Material: Bearings are typically made from steel or ceramic. Ceramic bearings are more expensive but tend to last longer and roll faster than steel bearings.

  4. Skateboard Bearing Brands

    Some of the most popular skateboard bearing brands include Bones, Bronson, Modus, SKF and Spitfire. These brands are known for producing high-quality bearings that are durable and long-lasting. They are skate-specific brands that have been created by skater, for skaters.

Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard Bearings Buying Guide
  1. Price: Skateboard Bearings can range in price from around £10 to over £100. While more expensive bearings may offer better performance, most skateboarders probably wont be able to tell that much difference between them so be sure to think properly about your skating level and needs.

  2. Skateboard Bearings and Wheels

    The relationship between skateboard bearings and wheels is integral to the overall performance of the skateboard. Bearings fit inside the wheel hubs and allow the wheels to rotate smoothly. The size of the bearings must match the wheel's core, and most skateboard wheels are compatible with the standard 608 bearing size. The choice of wheels, whether softer for grip or harder for sliding, should complement the type of bearings used to optimize the board's handling and response under various skating conditions.
  3. Skateboard Bearings Dimensions

    Skateboard bearings typically follow a standard size, referred to as the 608 bearing standard. This standard size has an outer diameter of 22mm, an inner diameter of 8mm, and a width of 7mm. These dimensions are designed to fit within the majority of skateboard wheels. However, some variations like micro bearings or other specialized types may differ in size to accommodate specific types of skateboards or riders' needs for different disciplines.

  4. Skateboard Bearings with Spacers

    Spacers are small cylindrical pieces that fit between the bearings inside the wheel hub. Their primary function is to maintain a consistent space between the bearings, which helps in achieving better alignment and reducing friction. This not only allows the wheels to spin more freely but also extends the life of the bearings by preventing unnecessary lateral pressure. Using spacers is especially important for skaters who perform tricks or ride at high speeds, as they help in maintaining stability and performance.

In terms of the best brands, it really comes down to personal preference. Bones and Bronson are two of the most popular brands and are the market leaders, but there are many other great brands out there as well. It's a good idea to read reviews and talk to other skateboarders to get an idea of which brands and models are most highly regarded. If you have any questions about which skate bearings are right for you, come and see us in store or contact us using any of the options on our contact page.

Paul Vale | 2nd March 2024


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