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Skate into the New Term: Must-Have Back-to-School Items from Your Local Friendly Skateboard Shop

As the (apparent) summer winds down and the scent of sharpened pencils fills the air, you know it's that time of year again – the new term is nearly on us. For those of us who live and breathe skating, heading back to the classroom doesn't mean leaving your passion for the lifestyle behind. Luckily, your local skateboard shop is here to cater to both your academic needs and your skateboarding cravings. Whether you're a student eager to rock the halls or a seasoned skater ready to conquer new tricks, here's a roundup of essential items that you can find here at The Vines for the upcoming term:

1. Skateboard Decks and Complete Setups: The cornerstone of any skate shop, our deck display is stacked with heaps of designs and sizes that cater to skaters of all levels. From classic brands to niche and local, you know you can find a deck thats right for you. Looking for a full setup? Complete skateboards include the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape, making it easy to roll straight from school to the skatepark.

2. Backpacks with Skateboard Straps: Toting textbooks and notebooks doesn't mean you have to ditch your deck. Many skate shops offer backpacks specifically designed to carry your skateboard. These packs feature straps or pouches to securely hold your board while you navigate the hallways or head home after a day of learning.

3. Clothing and Footwear: Transition seamlessly from school to skatepark with the latest skate-inspired garms. Graphic tees, hoodies, and caps with iconic skate logos are staples in any wardrobe and mean you can show the love even in the classroom. Don't forget about skate shoes! Reckon you can get away a skate shoe at school? Try it with an all black number...

4. Wallets: Keep your P hidden away from the school bully with a skate-branded wallet. And if you got anything left in there after munching your turkey twizzlers, come and buy us a coffee. Safe

5. Socks: You gotta go fresh in the sock department. Dont wanna be stankin out the changing rooms when you remove the creps for PE. WE got Stance 3 packs in all black or all white, perfect for pairing with the nastiest uniforms going (lookin at you Alderbrook)

6. Skate Tools: Keep your skateboard in tip-top condition with tools like skate wrenches and T-tools for adjusting trucks and maintaining your board.

9. Inspirational Reading Material: Fuel your passion for skateboarding culture with the free magazines available at the shop. Stay informed about the latest trends, learn about legendary skaters, and get inspired to push your skills to new heights.

As you gear up for the new term, don't overlook the opportunity to integrate your love for skateboarding into your school routine. With the right items from your local skateboard shop, you can effortlessly merge your academic pursuits with your passion for shredding, creating a well-rounded and exhilarating back-to-school experience. So, grab your deck, throw on your favorite skate-inspired threads, and prepare for a term that's all about acing your studies and conquering new tricks


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