New Balance Numeric: The Complete Guide to NB# Skate Shoe Technology

New Balance Numeric Skate Shoe Range

Among the numerous brands, New Balance Numeric (NB#) stands out for its innovative approach to skate shoe technology. This post delves into the technical features of the New Balance Numeric skate shoes range, particularly focusing on materials, cushioning, durability, and how these elements enhance skate performance. We will spotlight the tech in the Tiago Lemos 1010 and 808, the Westgate 508, the Jamie Foy 306, and the new Reynolds 480.

Material Mastery

The first aspect of NB# shoes that deserves attention is the choice of materials. Skateboarding demands footwear that can withstand constant abrasion, provide comfort, and offer a firm grip. New Balance Numeric has meticulously selected materials that tick all these boxes. For instance, the Jamie Foy 306 uses a strong suede upper that resists wear and tear, while the Tiago Lemos 1010 incorporates a mesh panel for breathability, keeping your feet cool during intense sessions.

Cushioning: A Game-Changer

Cushioning is crucial in skate shoes, as it absorbs the impact from jumps and tricks, protecting the feet and joints. New Balance Numeric has integrated advanced cushioning technologies in its range. The Tiago Lemos 1010, for example, features the innovative FuelCell foam, providing a unique blend of responsiveness and support. This technology ensures that the impact from landing tricks is effectively absorbed, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.

Durability: Built to Last

Durability is a non-negotiable aspect of skate shoes, given the rough treatment they endure. NB# shoes are designed with this in mind. The Westgate 508, for instance, uses a reinforced toe cap that extends the life of the shoe, while the Jamie Foy 306’s Ndurance rubber outsole offers exceptional longevity. These design choices mean that skaters can trust their footwear to last longer, even under rigorous use.

Performance-Enhancing Technologies

Performance is at the heart of New Balance Numeric's design philosophy. The shoes are not just durable and comfortable; they are engineered to enhance skateboarding performance. The Reynolds 480, the latest addition to the NB# line-up, exemplifies this with its sleek design that provides excellent board feel and control. The Westgate 508’s innovative REVlite midsole offers superior cushioning without adding unnecessary weight, enabling skaters to execute their tricks with precision and ease.

The Tiago Lemos 1010 and 808

The Tiago Lemos 1010 and 808 models epitomise the NB# commitment to performance. These shoes boast a unique cupsole design that offers both the flexibility of a vulcanised shoe and the support of a cupsole. This hybrid approach means skaters no longer have to choose between flexibility and cushioning – they get the best of both worlds.

The Brandon Westgate 508

Brandon Westgate’s signature model, the 508, is a marvel of skate shoe engineering. It features a polyurethane insert for additional support and cushioning, alongside the aforementioned REVlite technology. This combination provides an unmatched skating experience, blending comfort, durability, and performance.

The Jamie Foy 306

Jamie Foy’s 306 model takes a no-nonsense approach to skate shoe design. It’s built for the rigours of street skating, with an emphasis on durability and board feel. The 306’s straightforward design, coupled with high-quality materials, makes it a favourite among skaters who favour a classic, reliable skate shoe.

The New Balance Reynolds 480

The Reynolds 480, inspired by legendary skater Andrew Reynolds, is a testament to the evolution of skate shoes. It’s a shoe that balances heritage and innovation, offering a nod to classic skate design while incorporating modern technologies. Its slim, streamlined silhouette is not just about aesthetics; it serves a functional purpose, ensuring that skaters have maximum control and feel over their board.


New Balance Numeric has firmly established itself in the skateboarding world with its innovative approach to skate shoe technology. By focusing on materials, cushioning, and durability, NB# has created a range of shoes that not only meet but exceed the expectations of skaters. Whether you are a fan of the Tiago Lemos 1010 and 808, the Westgate 508, the Jamie Foy 306, or the new Reynolds 480, one thing is certain: you are getting a shoe that’s built with the skateboarder in mind. With New Balance Numeric, skaters can look forward to footwear that enhances their performance, supports their lifestyle, and withstands the rigours of the sport.


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