Lakai UK: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Skate Shoes for Your Style

Lakai Terrace Skate Shoes

Lakai UK offers a variety of models that cater to different skateboarding styles and preferences. This comprehensive guide will delve into the various skate shoe models offered by Lakai, highlighting their features and how they complement diverse skateboarding styles. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned skater, this guide will assist you in selecting the best Lakai shoes for your skateboarding journey.

Understanding Lakai's Skate Shoe Range

Lakai UK has consistently focused on delivering high-quality, robust, and stylish skate shoes. Their range includes several models, each designed with specific skateboarding requirements in mind. Let’s explore some of their popular models:

1. Lakai Cambridge Skate Shoes

The Lakai Cambridge skateboard shoes consist of mixed materials including suede, mesh, and perforated synthetic leather, giving the shoe a modern look without forfeiting its vintage vibe. This mix of contemporary and classic keeps the shoe from being pigeonholed to a specific look, catching the eye of minimalist and tech skaters alike.

2. Lakai Telford

The Telford, with its distinctive high-top design, offers additional ankle support, crucial for certain skateboarding styles. It combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality, featuring a comfortable fit and robust construction. This model is ideal for skaters who seek a blend of style, comfort, and support. These are the most recent Lakai shoes that Ive skated myself and they didn't disappoint. Compared to the Cambridge (the only other Lakai I've skated) I found them to be a bit more protective but still had good board feel considering its a chunkier cupsole. I love the aesthetics of the Telford too and they look sick with a nice baggy jean. 

3. The Lakai Griffin

The Griffin stands out in the Lakai collection for its elegant design and snug fit. Ideal for skaters who value style as much as performance, this shoe features a flexible vulcanised sole for excellent grip and board feel, making it perfect for technical skateboarding.

4. Lakai Manchester

Blending timeless design with modern skateboarding necessities, the Manchester is a tribute to Lakai's heritage. It boasts a durable suede upper and a PARA-MOUNT outsole for superior cushioning and impact absorption, suitable for skaters who frequently jump and need added support.

Features to Consider When Choosing Lakai Shoes

When picking the right Lakai shoes, keep in mind the following features:

Lakai UK Sole Type

Lakai UK provides both vulcanised and cupsole options. Vulcanised soles are known for better board feel and flexibility, while cupsoles offer more cushioning and support. Your choice should be influenced by your skateboarding style and preference for board feel or impact protection.


Lakai UK shoes are primarily made of suede, prized for its durability and skateboarding suitability. Some models also include mesh or canvas for enhanced breathability and comfort.


From low-tops to high-tops, Lakai’s range has various styles. Low-tops provide more mobility, whereas high-tops offer extra ankle support, key for certain skateboarding approaches.

Tips on Selecting the Best Lakai Shoes Based on Skating Preferences

For Technical Skaters

If you lean towards technical tricks, a shoe with a vulcanised sole like the Griffin or Manchester is advisable. These models offer the flexibility and board feel necessary for precise movements.

For Vert/Ramp Skaters

Vert or ramp skaters should consider shoes with more cushioning and support, such as the Telford. The added protection is beneficial for absorbing impacts from high jumps and transitions.

For Street Skaters

Street skaters often seek a balance between flexibility and durability. Models like the Manchester, with sturdy uppers and a flexible sole, are ideal for the unpredictable nature of street skating.

For Casual Skaters

Casual skaters usually prioritise comfort. Opt for Lakai UK shoes with good cushioning and a snug fit to ensure extended wear without discomfort.

Lakai UK Skate Shoes


Selecting the appropriate skate shoes is essential for an enhanced skateboarding experience. Lakai's diverse shoe range caters to different skateboarding styles. By considering your skateboarding style and each model's features, you can find the perfect Lakai shoes to match your style. The right shoes can significantly impact your performance and enjoyment of the sport.

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