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"Eyes Without a Face - No One Is Looking"

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Hockey Skateboards | Summer 2024 New Arrivals Preview

Hockey, known for its bold aesthetic and raw energy, is gearing up to drop its Summer 2024 collection. As the skateboarding community eagerly anticipates these new releases, let's dive into what Hockey Skateboards UK has in store, including their latest decks, clothing lines, and much more.

Hockey Skateboards Deck

For skateboarders, the deck is more than just a piece of wood—it's the foundation of their craft. Hockey Skateboards is set to continue its tradition of innovative design with its Summer 2024 deck collection. The decks are unique with their wham ass concave designs, and feature shocking and scary designs including a continuation of their "Eyes Without a Face" series. This distinctive design has become a signature of the brand, featuring eerie, faceless portraits that capture the bold, rebellious spirit of street skating.

Hockey Skateboards T-Shirt and Clothing

Hockey Skateboards' clothing lines are known for their irreverent, horror-inspired graphics and the Summer 2024 collection will be no exception. Expect to see a range of hockey skateboards t-shirts featuring the brand's classic logo and new graphic designs that echo the themes of their deck series. These t-shirts are not just wearable; they're statements.

Moreover, the clothing line will extend beyond t-shirts, offering hoodies, jackets, and accessories that maintain Hockey's raw aesthetic. With skate culture so influential in the fashion world, pieces from Hockey Skateboards clothing are sure to be seen both on and off the ramps.

Hockey Skateboards for Sale

For all the homies looking to get their grubby mitts on the latest garms, the new Hockey Skateboards collection will be available through The Vines website on the 24th May, the global launch flor Hockeys latest collection. Hockey Skateboards for sale can be found at select skate shops across the UK, as well as through major online skateboarding goods providers. These platforms will offer the full range of decks, apparel, and accessories, ensuring that both new and loyal customers can easily access the latest drops.

Building a Community: Events and More

Hockey Skateboards isn't just about selling skateboards and apparel; it's about fostering a community. This summer, they plan to host several events across the UK to celebrate the new collection and bring the local skate community together. These events are perfect for those looking to try out the new decks, show off their latest Hockey gear, and connect with other skaters. Keep an eye on Hockey’s social media channels for event announcements and exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at their Summer 2024 collection.

The Ethos of Hockey Skateboards

Hockey is more than just a brand; it's a manifestation of skate culture's gritty, uncompromising side. Known for its fearless graphics and commitment to quality, Hockey represents a raw slice of the skateboarding world. This ethos is evident not only in their product designs but also in their approach to marketing and community engagement.

Hockey Skateboards Dave Arena Hoodie Black

Looking Forward: Hockey Skateboards

As we look towards the future, Hockey Skateboards is committed to embracing sustainability alongside its innovative designs. The brand is increasingly focusing on sourcing materials that are not only durable and high-performing but also kinder to the planet. This commitment is expected to play a significant role in product releases beyond Summer 2024, as Hockey aims to lead by example in the skateboarding industry.

Hockey Skateboards UK

As Summer 2024 collection approaches, the hype for Hockey Skateboards’ new releases builds. Whether you're in it for the high-performance decks, sick apparel, or the community events, Hockey Skateboards UK delivers something special every season. Keep your eyes peeled for the "Eyes Without a Face" decks and the latest dope clothing that will undoubtedly be staples in any skater's wardrobe.

Paul Vale | 23rd May 2024


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