Hélas Summer 20 | Shop the Joie de Vivre Now at The Vines

Hélas Summer 20 | Shop the Joie de Vivre Now at The Vines

Helas are back with their second drop for summer 20. The french skate and streetwear brand Hélas have dropped a fresh new collection of warm-weather tees, hoods and caps, perfect for any upcoming heat-wave. In keeping with their instantly recognisable retro style, Hélas’ newest range of super clean tees packs an array of vibrant new pastel colours, perfect for al-fresco activity. The signature Helas umbrella branding and playful, colourful character continues to dominate the latest lines. Inspired by skateboardings colourful and eclectic past, this latest collection is full of surprises and some distinctive 1980s references.

There is a welcome introduction of low key maritime-inspired prints, as seen on the Helas Nautique t-shirt which sees the brand enter some territories. Paired with the brand’s 80s undertones and their penchant for classic sportswear profiles, the brand's highly sought-after ‘throwback’ aesthetic is in clear evidence for another season, keeping the Luca Puig backed brand firmly at the top of its game.

Paris based Hélas was created in 2011 as a cap brand and has now progressed to offer multiple collections of apparel and accessories throughout the year. Initially a discussion outside of a pub in London, the trio took inspiration from their surroundings at the time for both the name and signature umbrella branding. ‘Hélas’ meaning ‘unfortunately’ in French, represented the mood when rain fell in the British city meaning the team couldn’t skate, alongside the umbrella emblem that of course offers protection on such days. Whilst 5-panel styles weren’t too common at the time of the brands establishment, simplistic graphics and hand picked fabrics ensured the designs stood out and followed a goal of making ‘French Lacoste Steeze’ styles. With an ongoing partnership with adidas skateboarding under their belt, seasonal releases from Hélas look to old school VHS tapes, classic sportswear styling and varying cultures for inspiration, resulting in an array of staple casual streetwear silhouettes adorned with colour focused graphics.


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