Heard It On The Great Vines | Skateboarding News | 25th March 2024

Heard It On The Vines | Skateboarding News | 26th March


'HEARD IT ON THE GREAT VINES' is our weekly skateboarding news report. Everything worth watching, reading or discussing... you can find here! 

If you need some hype to get you going, or to get you through a rainy day, we'll have something for you here every Monday  And if you think we missed something this week, drop us an Instagram DM and we'll add it in.




SPOTS: A Research Piece On Modern Street Skating

Daniel Paese has created a really interesting mini-documentary discussing skateboarders' relationship with architecture and why people like to skate street, instead of sticking to the skatepark. 

It's a really interesting take on how skateboarders view skate spots and how the world views skateboarders.

Paris Skate Shop Nozbone's bring out 'Terrain Vague'

As mentioned in last week's episode, Nozbone Skate Shop, based in Paris 🇲‍🇫 has released a 20-minute shop video, partly in celebration of their 20th birthday 🎉

This video is tense from the get-go. Mint music, unique skating and quality spots hosted by Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

It's guaranteed you'll wanna get out of your house before the videos halfway through. Produced through Free Skate Mag, it's an absolute banger from the homies across the pond.

A look at New York's Pyramid Ledges

Thrasher Magazine's Ted Barrow gives us our weekly lesson on skateboarding history. Back in New York, he takes us through the ever-changing, legendary spot... 

The Pyramid Ledges.

Guy Mariano's 'Memory Screen'

Free Skate Mag also blessed us this week with a look back at Guy Mariano's skateboarding archive. 

A legendary name in skateboarding, Guy is now at the ripe age of 47 and is still at the top of his game, shredding it constantly. See him as a nipper skating like a big man (but he wasn't 30)

Awaysted's 'In Kansai'

Filled with beautiful architecture, barely touched skate spots and great skateboarding, the Kansai Region of Japan gets a visit from the Awaysted team. 🇯‍🇵

Wilton Souza's Nike SB part

Stair Set navigator and Brazilian 🇧‍🇷 (Why are Brazilians so good? Must be genetics), Wilton Souza released his Nike SB part. 

Heavy impact, banger after banger, smooth smoooooth tune. Winner Winner

Charlie Gush Welcome To Heroin Skateboards

YEWWWW! Charlie Gush joins Heroin Skateboards in true Heroin fashion. Good old-fashioned hillbilly vibes with fat transition throughout. 🇺‍🇸

Filmed and put together by Danny Bulmer who deserves props for expertly capturing such terrain mockery.

Connor Upton |

Thats It For This Weeks Skateboarding News People!

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