Do I Have To Be Able To Skate To Buy Skate Wear Brands?

Non Skaters Wearing Skate Brands

Naaaaaaaaaaaa maaannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

Wanna Wear Skate Garms But Dont Skate?

In the shop, we're always getting asked the question: Do you need to be a skater to wear skate brands? My personal opinion is a 100% no. Skateboarding culture has influenced mainstream fashion since the 80s, with its fuck-you style becoming a staple in wardrobes around the world. Lets have a quick look at how skate wear has transitioned from the skate parks to the streets and why jumpin in on this skate wear style doesn't always require a skateboard.

The Origin of Skate Fashion

Skate wear brands originally catered exclusively to skaters, focusing on durability and functionality needed for the sport. Brands like Vans, Supreme, and Thrasher were synonymous with skateboarding. However, these brands and the skate lifestyle also exuded a rad rebellious vibe that appealed to a broader audience. As is often the case with styles in sub-cultures, they began to cross over into everyday fashion. You only have to look at how many corporate brands use skating in their ads to see the wider mainstream appeal. Since the birth of skate wear, and subsequently street wear, there has been, and always will be style crossover.

Birth of Skate Wear Fashion

Skate Wear to Street Wear: The Crossover

As skate brands gained popularity, they evolved beyond their original niche. The transition into street wear was seamless, driven by the practical and stylish appeal of skate clothing. For example, skate shoes are designed for the rigours of skateboarding, offering comfort and protection. Yet, their sleek design and aesthetic versatility make them a favourite choice for everyday wear.

Moreover, the oversized, graphic tees and hoodies typical in skate wear fashion became symbols of youthful rebellion in the 90s and early 2000s. Celebrities and fashion influencers began incorporating these elements into their looks, further cementing skate wear's place in mainstream fashion.

Skate Wear Mainstream Fashion Adoption

Today, skate brands are a fixture in mainstream fashion. High fashion designers often draw inspiration from the skate culture, incorporating its bold prints and loose cuts into their collections. Meanwhile, luxury streetwear collaborations, such as Supreme with Louis Vuitton, have blurred the lines between street and high fashion even more.

Furthermore, skate wear's appeal lies in its blend of comfort and edge. It allows individuals to make a statement while enjoying the clothing's laid-back, durable nature. Therefore, owning skate brand items is more about personal style and less about the ability to perform a kickflip.

Style Without Boundaries

The essence of modern fashion is self-expression without boundaries. Wearing skate wear brands without being a skater, like anyone else wearing any other styles, is absolutely fine. With skate wear, it's a testament to the style's adaptability and widespread appeal. As long as the moneys going back into skating, then everyones a winner. People are drawn to these brands for various reasons, be it the quality, the aesthetic, or the culture they represent.

Additionally, skate wear is inclusive. It does not discriminate by age, gender, or skating ability. This universality is why it has remained popular for so long and continues to attract diverse groups of people.


In conclusion, you dont have to be a skater to buy or wear skate brands. Like I'd say to anyone who asked me this question, never let anybody tell you what you should or shouldnt be wearing. The evolution of skate wear into mainstream fashion highlights its versatility and enduring appeal and theres no rules in fashion and so there shouldnt be in skate wear. I remember years back when everyone was questioning why Rieder was skating in skinny jeans and cardigans. Because he was fucking rad and can wear what the fuck he wants - just like you can! Whether you're drawn to its comfort, style, or the culture it represents, skate fashion is for everyone. It's not just about skateboarding; it's about embracing a style that is relaxed, expressive, and undeniably cool. So, go ahead and cop that Butter tee or those Vans sneakers. After all, fashion is all about wearing what you love, and skate brands offer something for everyone, skater or not.

Paul Vale | 25th April 2024


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